I just found out that my granddaughter can see not only the white mist, she can see a black one. Most of the time she will see a full body ghost. She can tell what it is wearing, color of hair,face expressions and if it is a man or lady. They do not say anything for now, just either walking or sitting. The lady ghost she has seen in the mirror sitting on the end of her mothers bed just looking at her. One morning she said she took out the trash, shut and locked the door. Her had was still on the door knob and the door flew open,pushing her backwards. The all black mist like one she saw in another mirror but said it looked as if he had a cowboy hat on. She has had something breath in her ear. My two granddaughters have seen hangers in the closet start to swing when no one is near the closet. They say it feels like someone is always watching them. The lights in the have been turned off after they have left the house. (Lights where on when they left) My daughter said she has heard foot steps up stairs one time when everyone was down stairs.She also has heard someone walking down the stairs. The smell of rotten eggs at times.
Has any one else had something like this happen, if so what did you find out and how.?

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