In all of my classes, the part that I did the absolute worst was numerology. My goodness, but I think I got mixed up as to how the english letters somehow became a part of the Chaldean numerology tables. I mean even the ancient Hebrew alphabet does not have all 22 letters during that time period of history. So it was a lot of tedious memorization without really connecting the historical evidence to how the whole thing arrived into our psychic and metaphysical interpretations of words and pictures. But many of my friends are just whizzes at figuring these things out. I actually pay people to help me with numerology readings and interpretations of events. Not only that but there are many forms of translations and differences of numerology between all cultures. These things are so universal and diverse and so huge in my mind that it makes me feel small. Numerology is the ultimate Cosmic language that is so vast and causes me to realize how huge the universes and the "All in All" really is. Breathtaking!!!!


Well, as I have always boasted about my grandmother and all of her great wisdom. Oh how I love that dear woman. I got the news last night that she had a stroke and half of her brain died. Terrible sorrow. She had Parkinsons for the past few years and she called me many times. She asked me please tell her the stories. She could not remember the stories that she told and she wanted me to remind her of the stories. So I became her story teller. The tears well up in my eyes when I say that. What great honor that I ended up being able to recite everything that she held dear to her heart. And she is dear to my heart. And it is even more different.....


Any way, to go on, last night I had some more shaman visit me. The thunder storms...oh my grandma did the most powerful thunder dance. And everytime I heard it roll into the heavens it was like the thunder was saying her name. I have been walking through the rain now for about a day and a half. I feel my granma's pain and it hurts me. I have been letting her go. Telling her it is safe to cross to the other side. Telling her that maybe when she does she can visit me, only if she chooses and when she chooses. Telling her that I will be with her as she crosses.


Last night the dream kept on reoccuring over and over again. I can't tell you how many times. A metal plate with engraved numbers on it continued to appear before my eyes. I read the numbers to myself, 1, 55, 30. And then I put my finger under each number. 1-5-5-3-0. I told myself, do not forget this because this is what it is....


It happened in the same order each time, until finally I woke up. And I said, "Rotten spirits, you know I am miserable at numerology and needed to restudy the whole thing again. Why did you give me such a complicated number?" So they challenged me and forced me back into my lessons. Well thank you, I said. Now you have encouraged me to never have a reason to forget. Having compassion on this small brain of mine to continue repeating the sequence. It is really a powerful number for her and all that she is dealing with now. That even though all tempest of water, air, and fire try to come against her, the earth will protect her. The earth opens to receive the floods, the earth rises to block the winds, and the earth covers her to protect her in the fire. Amazingly powerful and comforting. Her journey will be OK. Just my own little interpretation. I am sure many of you being so much smarter in these realms of number vibrations have even better ones.


I am going to really miss my grandma.

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Comment by Lucy MacDonald on September 20, 2011 at 2:55am

I would love to discuss numerology with you. I am a student of numerology myself. I am taking a free online course but it is very intense. I had a similar dream experience a few years back and what that dream told me and what I later discovered about myself is quite amazing. Would you like to hear my story?


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