Don't Know Much About 2012--But I Know What I Hope

2012. To be honest, it is all fairly 'new' to me. What I sense, for the most part, is just a coming to a more positive way of seeing things, a more positive way of 'being.'

I look at the prophecies--or more precisely, the translation and interpretation of prophecies--and they all read like headlines in the Enquirer: END OF THE WORLD PREDICTED TO BE BLOODY AFFAIR. APOCALYPSE NOW--WHO WILL SURVIVE?

Somehow I just don't like the idea of things always having to be so darn
negative! It always freaked me out when I was just one more believer of this idea, but now I find myself looking for new ways to view what some might call 'The End.'

What if 2012 is a consciousness shift that brings us all into a place of unity and understanding? Twenty or so years ago I had a dream about being called upon, out of an audience, to take the absent speaker's place and speak about something. I had no idea what to speak on, so when I asked 'whoever,' I heard the word 'Unity.'

I have come through many understandings of that word in the past score of years, but more recently I see it as a path we as a people, a planet, can take. We can learn that war is 'so last millennia,' that 'We Are All Connected--All One' (Mitakuye Oyasin in the tongue of the First Nation), and begin to find ways to interpret old prophecies in a more positive light.

Take, for instance, the prophecy of Revelation. The great red Dragon with the 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 crowns is seen as Satan and therefore to be destroyed or feared. But what if we begin to see the Dragon, which is related to the Serpent (also affiliated with Satan in scriptural interpretation), as the Divine Feminine we also know these symbols to represent? What if we see that the Divine Feminine has been divided, that the 7 heads are not 7 nations or leaders or terrible people bent on the destruction of the human race, but 7--a divine number, by the way (as is the 10), and therefore, possibly, a division of a holy thing (the Divine Feminine) as we are supposed to find a way to re-unite/unify that Divinity? After all, the Feminine has been destroyed to a certain degree already, and has been raising its (her) head for a little while now and is perhaps supposed to grow strong and in its unity, bring a new thing to the world.

I'm not saying I've thought this through a lot at this point, I'm just saying I have looked at many prophetic things and wondered if the right interpretation, the right translation of the words and their meanings, has really been brought forth. I think it's time to see the world and all of its inhabitants as powerful enough to bring about the Messianic age, a time when there will be no more war and weapons will be pounded into plowshares. Why not? What if 2012 is the culmination of time and we can ask and believe and work for a better world instead of one continually bent on its own destruction? Aren't we tired of that yet?

I know it's hard to see or believe that right now. There are too many people, nations, leaders, who want to do away with everyone who isn't like them. That is unbelievable. And more so, when you consider it is OLD thinking. So perhaps, hopefully, 2012 is a consciousness shift, maybe even a dimensional shift, that will make the impossible possible.

But in the meantime, we all--those of us who know to do so--must begin to see this and work toward it instead of waiting around for the 'end' to come and blood to run up to the flanks of horses and ... 'then the end shall come.' There has to be a better way and so my hope is in something spectacular in that arena in 2012. If things just keep going as they are, I don't see any chance for change because there are just enough bullies and crazies who want to follow the 'eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' theology and make the world blind and toothless! It is going to take a miracle. And I believe We Can Be that Miracle! Start believing! Start drawing on the Light. Start expecting change and let's see if we can't make 2012 a New Beginning, a Time of Unity and Peace because we have visualized and worked toward bringing it into existence.

I'll see you on 'the other side!'

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