The message shared with the listeners this evening is one of not giving away of yourself through the covering of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety. Rather to draw in the higher vibration of love of divine source love.

With this they are sharing that the love of source has no place for fear has no place for lack or worry. But brings in the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients, the wisdom of the knowledge which has been and always will be.  Move forward with that source of love. Holding back the limitation through  the strength that you are provided for you are cared for and you are a child of the highest vibration. You are a blessing and you are blessed.

When we move into a place where we allow fear, doubt and worry to come in we are stopped. We are held back by the limitations we have created we are within our own space we have created this reality. This is a false and untrue reality. We do not have to operate in fear, We do not have to have the mind set of lack or worry. Replace the negative vibration with the vibration of love, replace the lack or fear vibration with the vibration of abundance, and grace.

One of the methods to do this is to draw back to your physical self your own personal energy. When chaos and craziness step our personal energy begins to leak hither and fro and this is counter productive. It will keep you drained and from reaching your life path potentials. With love light and the rising of the vibration frequencies you can hold confidence, power, and knowledge of that which is strength producing of your own personal walk your own personal connection with your personal god source then do we flood out the limitations and fears.

Stand feet shoulder width apart. As you do this draw up within your being the energy of mother earth. Your own personal power, your own right to be, your right to love, your right to be loved. Allowing the energy to rise and build within your space. As this energy is drawn from the earth up through your body in the form of deep breaths you are reuniting your energy and your truth. Allow this to build as a bubble over your head and once you have filled this with that confidence, power, personal awareness let the bubble begin to flow this energy down and around your body completely encompassing you. This is the personal power of truth, guidance, and knowledge which has been provided to you by source energy.

Whenever the old comfort zone of fear or lack wants to become a part of who you are simply stop where you are at and breath in this healing energy, filling every orifice of your personal truth and move forward blessed flowing with the river of love, light and happiness, with hope abounding.     

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