Notes on connecting with your angels and making miracles

To make miracles we need only dare to ask. There are legions of angels - physical and Divine - all around us, just waiting to help us create what we want in life. There is only one condition to their help.... we must ask for it.

What do you want? right now? next month? next year? in 5 years? Can you say, specifically what your goals are in life? If you can, you are one of the rare few who has the courage to make a plan in life... and you are probably quite OK about asking for what you need, when you need it. For the rest of us, asking always involves an element of risk.Most of us will hem and haw at questions of what we want... We are more than a little reluctant to put voice to our goals.... and asking for help with our plans, ever, is almost inconceivable to the many amongst us who choose independence, to stand on our own two feet. Daring to ask is foreign to our natures.

Yet, to make miracles, we must be willing to ask for what we want... such a scary thought for some...

I think the issue with asking is that we have a lot of fears around defining and then voicing our needs... fear of rejection comes up as one of the primary concerns that each of us has about saying what we want. But then there's the fear of not being deserving enough, good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, big enough, strong enough.... and the even deeper fear that maybe we don't even know what we want, that we aren't smart enough to figure out what we want for ourselves, so we had better let God, and our circumstances, our friends and families dictate what we really want... after all, they know us and should know what's best for us. Balderdash!

If you want more out of life, decide right now to dare to ask. Start by asking yourself what you want, what's important to you... every time you think of it.

Then, to get the energy really moving around you, start giving yourself what you want, as much as you can. I always suggest to folks that they start with little things... like I want a cup of tea, or a walk in the park, or a bubble bath... and then work up to the big things, like the new house or new car.

The beauty of this exercise is that the more you dare to ask and the more you dare to give yourself, the more you discover about yourself. For example, somewhere along the way, in asking "what do I want?", I discovered that I wanted to garden... I asked for it, and now I spend many happy hours working in my own little patch of heaven. Then I recognized that I wanted to learn to create from a place of love (as opposed to fear), and that in some life, I'd like to learn to create through beautiful sounds. My point is that as you keep asking the question, you find yourself uncovering significant values, and you find yourself moving beyond your current needs to a vision of a better life for all.Make a list of what you want and dare to include some of the big things along with that new coat you've been admiring. Think of how you want to live, and where, and who you want around you, what relationships you want to develop, what you'd like to be doing, what you'd like to learn; then think of how you want to feel, and how you want your surroundings to feel. Project yourself into your vision of the future, allow yourself to feel it lovingly, passionately, as if it were already happening. Then turn it over to God and the angels and your guides and expect miracles.

And, if you're not sure you want what you think you want, then ask the angels for help in getting clear about what you want...

Dare to ask for what you want... and then dare to ask God and the angels for help! The angels are listening, waiting for your requests so they can swing into action. When you dare to ask, you open yourself up help from legions of angels - and to miracles!

Ask, for the highest good of all, and it shall be given unto you.

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Comment by Grace Lobermier on August 26, 2009 at 6:37pm
That is so beautiful. I know we have to know what we want, ask for what we want and believe we can have it. It takes a lot of faith not to give up when we don't get it right away but I know we can manifest anything with pur Higher Power's help.
Comment by Danielle Daoust on August 26, 2009 at 9:21pm
And sometimes what we ask for isn't exactly what we need...


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