Cycles, Maps of the Great Earth Changes

The spiral of life is changing here on Planet Earth, and as she has every other time, Mother Earth shifts her weight in response to the changing times… scary for some, but natural, all the same… yet, if you’re willing to embrace the change, it simply represents another step in our evolution – and an opportunity for personal growth. The maps in the book Cycles show the planetat various times in our evolution, both past and future. They remind us of how civilizations have come and gone with the changing times. And they warn us that we are at great risk today… like Atlantis, we could die and our achievements forever lost, or we could rise, like the phoenix from the ashes, an Atlantis reborn…

It is up to us how we approach the shifting spiral… have you noticed how it is changing? Are you awake and alert, and ready to move forward into the new world enfolding?

From Cycles, a View of Planet Earth by Alta Reynolds and Lynn Wright, Pondview Publishing, reprinted with permission. For more information, to purchase the book or get copies of the map, visit our website at

“My view is that these earth change scenarios are possible, are connected and will converge; that we are living in a time of unprecedented collective events; that the great cycles which regulate the earth and our solar system have and will continue to take place within the turning point of the great cosmic wheel; that the cosmic energies have been released which will lead to their culmination until all becomes as it should be, for the highest good; the highest good might not necessarily be what we as humanity perceive or wish it to be; that the highest good extends to all life forms and the Universe in its entirety , far beyond the limited concepts of self-service and self-preservation of a single species; that Hans Luhdo’s maps, from 2000 AD to 15000 AD are a highly probable depiction of this current cycle of changes and that his maps from 4 million BC reflect a planet in constant evolution.

Mother Nature has her own way of bringing about balance. She will do in the present what she has done in the past.

There is today a greater acceptance of the existence of a connection between all things and all thought. The human mind is capable of achieving the extraordinary. This power needs to be harnessed for the benefit of all on our planet at this remarkable time in our history.

I believe that this is the message of hope and new beginnings hidden in the maps of their creator, the enigmatic Hans Luhdo. Why else would he so painstakingly have recorded the cycles of the earth from 4 million years BC to 15000 AD? What could be the purpose of drawing maps after 2000 AD if all life on the planet ceased to exist after the convergence of the aforementioned events of 1999 and the year 2000?

This is my view. What is yours?”

I leave you with The Parting Thought from Cycles…

There are none so blind as those who will not see, nor none so deaf as those who will not hear.

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