Contacting my grandma while she was living!!

It just happened last night. My grandmother was finally allowed to pass away according to her living will that she very thoughtfully wrote in great detail. My dad was surprised when he found out that she covered every detail of what she thought was going to happen to her. My grandmother had seen the future. There was no way any of us could of doubted it as we read her words. It was not chilling, it was not frightful. It was filled with light hearted warm words of encouragement to all of us. I know why I inspire to see that positive future everyday of my life. I have this wise woman's DNA inside of me.


My grandma could not speak, she could not do anything after her stroke. She lay there on life support with her eyes shut, sleeping. She was just awaiting her wishes to be fulfilled. There was no panic nor fear inside of her. Well, I was meditating inside my room and I said, Granma, I can't find you. Where are you? I want to be with you in this so that you know that I am your true blue friend. That was when I heard her voice say, I am right here in your heart, Sherri. Where else do you think I would be?


Of course you are!!, I said. Where else would you be? I will always be able to contact you there as soon as you leave us.


It was my birthday the next day. So I got up and went to work. It totally shocked everybody that I showed up. I said, I am here to make my granma proud. It is my birthday and I plan on celebrating the way she would want me to. Celebrating life and every breath that I have for my very special gift of life that my granma gave me.


A hawk came down and soared about 5 feet over my facility. It continued to dive in my direction in the parking area where I was working. So I stopped and watched it. Suddenly I was just full of the joy that exuberates from the bottom of my stomach. So I called my dad and asked him what happened right at that time in Florida. He said, It was right when we were reading the living will out loud. She finished by saying, I will see you around the bend.


Fantastic!! I can't wait until she chooses for that to happen. She chose the way of her tribe in her death. Which is a very brave way to go out of this world. But she told me that she had no need for anybody to help her cross over. I mean after all she was 89 years old and she had known the ways of life in all manners that life could bring. She had taken some time to study death and knew as much as anyone could know upon that subject. She said she could do it herself. I will see you around the bend. And that was all she wanted us to know. The rest she just wanted memories of all of the good times, laughter, and joy to be remembered.


I am sure that we have more things to do together later. And even if I don't see her around the bend in this life, I know that I will surely see her around the bend later in the great beyond. She has made me so excited and proud to discover a greater depth of her ways and wisdom. What a shining light of a star!!!! Good bye my great wise wonderful grandmother!! I look forward to "seeing you around the bend". And thank you for the richness of wisdom and knowledge that you have shared in every endeavor.

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Comment by Teresa Crane on July 19, 2011 at 12:58pm
So your great wise gramma took flight the day before your special for you, since you are able to see it that way.  A chosen day, I am sure.  A way of being connected for all time.  And I am sure you will see her 'around the bend' in the not too distant future, for I saw it when we prayed together the day before.  You got to walk with her, even though she didn't 'need' someone to show her the way, so you kind of know where to find her... and since she is in your heart, all you need to do is learn to access that part of her that resides there... May the depth of your love and relationship be deepened even more now that she is in this 'heightened' place.  Love you!


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