Cold/Wolf Moon Emotional Turmoil


Wednesday, January 19 the moon will be full at 4:21 pm est. The full moon will be in the sign of cancer (The Crab) until 5:16p m est then it will move into Leo (the Lion) there it will stay for 2 days then it will move into Virgo (The Virgin) on Friday the 21, at 6:10 pm est.


During the Full moon in cancer, you will have strong feelings and keen intuitive insights on what needs to be done. Have you started to become overly emotional yet? Did you have a brilliant idea on how to make improvements on your situation? You will be asking these questions yourself during this full moon. This Lunation is all about being nurtured, supported, secure, enhancing divination, and psychic development. For the next three days after, you will want to increase your pleasures, hobbies, and become more creative, you will pay close attention to details to insure every step will pay off in the end.


The solar eclipse on January 4th --- was a potent New Moon giving you clear insight on new beginnings and enhancing your professional goals giving way to long-term commitments, material success and taking on greater power and authority. The eclipse was the catalyst in awakening your higher purpose and inspiring concrete steps for your dreams to become reality.


Now, The Cancer full moon asks: Are you aligned with your feelings and intuition? Do you have the right foundation, support system needed? How can you balance between nurturing your personal life and achieving your goals? Are you ready to make the commitment needed?


Enhancing all this will be a union of the moon trine (120-degree angle) with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Uranus is the Great Awakener, principle of revolution and liberation, while Jupiter expands what he touches. The aspect gives the potential for intuitive awareness, magical twist of fate, and freedom from old emotional patterns and programs.


With all this going on you will feel emotionally overwhelmed due to the watery energy, this could lead to depression, sever crankiness and the feeling to escape. (Caution: Substance abuse is easily mistaken for a good time during this full moon) this would be a great time to enjoy a bath to relax, sitting by or listening to water running, example…. Water fall, water fountain, meditative cd that includes rain. Care for your love ones, devote extra time with the family and/or home improvements.


Magical Information

Reconnect to nature, honor the goddess, and enjoy relaxation. Use any form of meditation you think is right for you, call the corners, honor the elements, offer blessings, and breath, relax, enjoy. Like all other moons before and after this one, there is strength and weakness, honor your emotions and release them do not hide from them.


FULL MOON Purpose: completion of a project, Pagan Holiday: Summer Solstice, Goddess Name: Sekhmet's Moon, Goddess Energy: fire goddesses, Offering: flowers, Theme: Power, Rune: Sowilo, Tarot Card: the Sun


WEDNESDAY - Element Water/Air – color- yellow, Ruled by Mercury. Energies Include: Communication, Travel, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity. WATER: Direction: West, Colors: Blue, White, Light Grays, Pinks, Light Greens, Season: Fall, Ritual Symbol: Chalice, Favored Moon Phase: Full Moon, Favored Time: Dusk, AIR: Direction: East: Colors: Blue, Yellow, Green: Season: Spring: Ritual Symbol: Wand or Sword: Favored Moon Phase: 1st Quarter: Favored Time: Dawn


Moon in Cancer -- Cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon

Stimulates emotional rapport between people. Pinpoints needed, supports growth and nurturance. When the Moon is here, she is at her most powerful, so use her for important magic and divination. The Moon rules the home, children, emotions, cooking, eating, and nurturing. Be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings. Magical workings: love, emotions, home, mothers, family, divination, psychic development or impressions.


Moon in Leo -- Fixed fire sign, ruled by the Sun

Use this moon to work with your stocks and bonds, creative arts, pets, hobbies, and romance. Be generous and kind, not sulky. Showmanship, favors, being seen, drama, recreation, and happy pursuits. May be overly concerned with praise and subject to flattery. Magical workings: passions, pleasures, hobbies, entertainment, sports, pets


Moon in Virgo -- Mutable earth sign, also ruled by Mercury

The Virgin favors abstract thought, keen and critical intellect. Pay attention to details and all matters concerning health and healing, nutrition, herbs, crafts, ethics, service to others, volunteering, and community needs. Use this Moon for coven matters, or crafting altar tools or ritual accouterments. Clean the house! Magical workings: healing, health, work

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Comment by Danielle Daoust on January 24, 2011 at 5:34pm

Jennifer, this is great, but next time, also send me a copy so I can include it in the newsletter, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle



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