Psychic Ability Kids

One of the greatest gifts in life are our children. It is common that many of our younger children between the ages of three and twelve years
of age have remarkable psychic ability.

But how can such on unusual child fit into mainstream society? Psychic
gifts can be a curse, instead of a blessing when not understood. This
can make life extremely difficult for the young child and cause the
psychic gifts to become thwarted and lost forever. It is such a shame.

Here we address this very problem and show how you can encourage and
even contribute to a child's inner psychic gifts. All children are
beautiful and if any do not turn out Ok I always blame adults, and not
the children.

1. One of the best things that can happen to a psychic child is to be
born to open minded parents. If at least one of the parents has, behind
them as development background, some personal development they are not
entirely conditioned by the maxims of society it will be much easier for
the child's inner spirit to flourish instead of flounder.

2. Encourage the young child to have empowered belief systems. There is
so much negativity around. The young psychic child requires love and a
strong personal belief system that anything is possible. He first gets
this from his parents.

Many adults go on and study personal development. The cause of a lot of
this is the negative programming they received while young which trips
up the adult later in life.

Instinctively the adult knows he can do better and so ventures into
personal development, inner growth, and mind spirit expansion. This is a
good thing. But it would be a lot easier if the adult received positive
and empowering exposure in youth.

3. Explain to the child how emotions contribute to self sabotage.
Sabotage of the self , and especially the tearing down of others, are
examples of this kind of action in our society.

It is the desire to tear down instead of building up. It is implanted
into many children in youth. If you wish to encourage a child's psychic
gifts you must begin to release cultural blocks at an early age.

There are many dead ends in our society that block a child's progress
and spirit development. You have to be aware to notice them. Begin to
pay attention to energy and all of its forms and you will spot these
mind blocks , even point them out to your children, and make them so
very much more empowered.

4. Always remember kids are humanity's future. Begin to treat all
children with care and respect. This is the optimum learning environment
for abilities to grow and flourish. Including psychic abilities. The
way we treat our children makes a difference as kids are more sensitive
than adults to energy, as a general rule, because they are less
conditioned than adults are. This is why there are so many good child
psychics. They have less mental barriers.

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Comment by Rachel on November 2, 2010 at 10:14pm
I definetly agree with this....especially with empowerment of belief. Doubt can play funny tricks and others feeding to it can cause a child to block all natural abilities out and stop the child/ren from openly discussing event that has/may occur.


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