It takes someone strong to deal in times of challenge, are you up to the challenge? Where does your strength come from? Where does your courage come from?

Tough times can be challenging, personal drama, personal situations, cam be the challenge. The core to the challenge is how much of ourselves are we giving away. How much of ourselves goes to the drama, how much goes to the lack, how much goes to fear, how much goes to the tough times.

Reclaiming that strength is reclaiming your personal walk. Your personal path, Your personal awareness, thru illumination. When you go into a dark room you will hit the switch the power source that will bring light into a room. In the same as seeing yourself as this room needing to turn our your switch of illumination. The switch of awareness.

We are all power was are all connected to a divine grid of source power. This power operates and draws its strength from unconditional love.

Rather than be super manifesters  of fear. Become manifesters of divine source love. Watch the fears, the lack the drama begin to dissipate more away and replace with illumination of life purpose and balance.

Then when the others wish to attempt to creep in flip the switch allow that divine inner power illuminate to penetrate and set into motion the realization only that which you give power to can and does have any ground to stand on.

Have confidence in yourself. Find and know your purpose, own your own role in your own process, strive for divine inner strength and loves perfection.

Keep truth of self and life’s purpose and goals. Understand your weakness bring in strength to build up and restore what has been given away. Know when there are those set before your path with what may appear  as criticism they may actually be shinning the light for you to see your own personal illuminated truth. Achieve, over come, manifest, strengthen, challenges become victory.

Become aware of your personal truth, patterns and process of your thoughts.  Test them against divine power of unconditional love of self and others.

Before rising in the AM allow yourself to connect with the guides, angels and masters. Laughter from the soul. Filling your home with love. Move past grief’s hold of sorrow.  Your past is behind you. Don’t look back learned lessons make for your present and awaits with open arms.

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Comment by Rachel on January 25, 2011 at 9:08pm
So love it........


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