Bringing the wholeness back from the daily devisive circumstances

Many times as we walk through our day, we find ourselves divided inside of ourself and we don't realize the division that takes place. Our minds compartmentalize information in great detail through the events of a day. Most of the information of details lie in our subconscience minds as our conscience remains intact through our daily schedules. We see that which we wish to see in the realm of our conscience mind walking through our daily schedules.


As it all reminded me of the ancient teachings that come from the Zin Buddhists in China who reverence and worship life above all things. The teachings that help people to understand other life forms and the honor and respect for which they deserve. So that is why it is perplexing to find on my journeys to and from work and the store that I find people who only wish to see the fearful and destructive. Why do people wish to see that which is negative? I thought about it, surely it is only because they are trying to protect themselves from the worst that could happen in their day. In actuality I have no idea why people want to see the negative, but I am trying to put myself into their shoes by creating a possible theory. It is for me to wish to see things in their most positive and beautiful of all energies. So that is why I was having to pose a theory as to why people wish to see things in the most negative way.


Well I mapped out a path for my day of all that I see and comprehend. Trying to pay attention to the details of my experiences. The first thing that I found devisive was that I was walking through a forest to get to the train station and I notice that the drought of the winter has made everything whither. The creatures were not coming back to life as quickly as I have noticed in times past. They were all very thirsty. I realized that as I was walking to the train I had no time, nor resource to give these poor creatures a drink. So I had to walk by the thirsty creatures realizing the plight. And I resolved myself to start misting the creatures on my time off. With as much time as I had I began to mist them and they began to turn green. Now I could see them as I wished to see them. I did not wish to see they were thirsty, but when I did, I found a way to help the creatures to be the way I wished. Healthy and green.


The first day I saw the creatures appearing thirsty, I felt divided. My conscience told me it was important for them to have a drink, but I could not make their thirst as important as to getting to my job on time. It reminded me of the famous words of Rabbi Hillel who said, You should love yourself, for if you do not love yourself, Who will? You should love others as you love yourself. And if you cannot love others now, when?


This was an easy one to solve. I can't do this now, I will do this on my free time. Then the rains finally came and the whole problem was resolved. But as the train took me into the city I noticed the problems became more complicated, the answers were not as easy. Even though I did not wish to see the condition of such distress and problems I opened my eyes and noticed. I realized that my subconcience had already logged the details of these problems but the time, money and effort was to much for one person to solve. Yes it seemed easier to only see what I wished to see instead of the conditions that I was looking at with thoughtfulness. And with each condition I wrote down the problem as many of the details that I could remember. I realized that it was only a matter of time that I could do something to make that difference. It was just about planning as the Rabbi had stated in his famous words. It was at that time that I realized my own words that I had given to my children just 3 weeks ago.


I told my children, a Masters Degree gives us the opportunity to learn how to solve problems that are current and present. It helps us to have the skills to solve our own problems and the problems of others. However, a Doctorate gives us the opportunity to create the potential problem in our mind, in the world of theory. To solve the problem before it becomes a problem. I told them this to encourage them in getting their education for the health and love of self and others around them. It was then that I realized that my own Masters degree was 2 dimensional for I only focused on one problem when I wrote my thesis. However, there were many problems that I had ignored by only seeing what I wished to see. I guess I will be a career student in this life to educate myself for the better for my family, community, and the future that we face in this grand world that we live in. And with that I have great hope in my transition into the up and coming age that we face of changing this world of ours into a productive, peaceful life. So I find myself opening the door to all creatures and circumstances teaching me more about what I can do and dream in making this a better place. Teach me all who wish to teach me!!!!!! That is an open inventation to all who have something they wish to say in bettering my skills and enhancing all of my ideas.

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Comment by Sherri Lanham on May 15, 2011 at 6:42pm
The very first comment that I got about my post was that I misspelled the word Zen. I apologize. Since I am not a student of the Chinese language I have no idea if using an "i" instead of an "e" changes the meaning of the word. My daughter told me that vowels are used in the language. The actual words that were meant to be placed in the blog were "Zen Buddhists from China" and not "Zin Buddhists from China." Sorry for the misspelling and I hope that the mistake does not take away the intent of the communication. Thank you for pointing out to me and teaching me a different way to spell a word. It is like I said, I am open to all forms of teaching and learning in order to problem solve so many difficulties that we face. That one is an easy one to correct and I love all of you so much!!!!!


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