Beverly Hills Psychic, Christopher Golden - the Mark Levine Interview 2007

MARK LEVINE:  So, why do the rich and famous spend so much money on psychics, to tell them what's going to happen in the future?


CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN:  (laughs) Because they can!


MARK:  Okay.  Fair enough.


CHRIS:  I think what happens is that a lot of people, who have had all of the advantages, tend to eventually learn that it's something of an illusion.  No matter what you buy, or what sense of approval the world has given you, or what you have accomplished or who you know, you're still stuck with you.  And the human tendency is often to feel that this is not enough.  So one seeks elsewhere for more.  When this search becomes spiritual I feel one has begun to discover who you are.  But for a lot of people, and perhaps those of privilege more than others, that spiritual journey starts with a call to my office, in the form of seeking psychic advice.  In other words, for a lot of first time clients what they are looking for is a quick fix to a surface problem.  But I don't feel that this is why their soul is reaching out - say on another level of reality.  My aim with every single client I work with is to move beyond just this and to deepen the spiritual journey.


MARK:  When you say "spiritual journey" what is it you're describing?


CHRIS:  I mean that the surface drama is something of a cover story.  The real question that all of us must eventually face is "Who am I?" and how you arrive at this question is ultimately of very little concern.   No matter who you are or what your station in life, one has an appointment in time, perhaps in the future, with this "Who am I?" question.


MARK:  So then why bother with offering psychic readings at all?  Why not just become a spiritual teacher?


CHRIS:  We are all, in a way, spiritual teachers already. Every person you meet is yourself.  The journey of self discovery is something that eventually cannot be avoided, whether in this life of the next.  So as it turns out I was born with certain metaphysical gifts, such as Clairvoyance.  It became clear to me early on in life that it was my calling to use these gifts to try to help people.  But as my own spiritual journey deepened, so too did the mandate that came with these gifts.


MARK:  Okay, but I guess I need to ask the obvious question then.  Why only focus your energy on the rich and famous?  Why not try to help everybody?


CHRIS:  I do try to help everybody.  Where did you get the idea that I only work with rich people or famous people?


MARK:  Another journalist, a colleague of mine, said your name came up a lot as the "Psychic to the Stars".  This lead me to speak with a couple of your clients who seem to see you as their guru.  And this is why I wanted to talk to you.  Before our interview, in conversation, I could see that you had a lot of spiritual insight.  And this intrigued me because I kept hearing you were a Beverly Hills psychic and that...


CHRIS:  Didn't make sense?


MARK:  (laughs)  Yes!  I don't get it.  From the outside it could look like you're cashing in.


CHRIS:  Yes, I've been told that many times.  I was raised in Beverly Hills.  My first psychic experiences, as a child, were in Beverly Hills.  My first clients, in the late 80's were in Beverly Hills.  No one used websites back then and so I got by on referrals, word of mouth.  And that word of mouth existed primarily in Beverly Hills.  I would literally drive to different people's houses and hotel rooms and do Tarot Card readings.  When word got out that I was pretty accurate, that lead to giving psychic readings in people's trailers on film sets and television sets...


MARK:  Celebrities?


CHRIS:  Yes, but also lesser known actors and hair and make-up people and producers and so on.  My point is, that is the world I was placed in.  A lot of people try to break in to something, or to "make it" as a psychic.  In my case this all came looking for me.


MARK:  Okay, fair enough.  So then what happens next.  You're young, you're out giving spiritual advice to the Beverly Hills crowd, and...


CHRIS:  Sorry to interrupt but no, I was not yet giving spiritual advice.  I was just giving psychic readings.  I had no real spiritual advice to give until years later.  A client had introduced me to an Indian man who is a genuine guru and certainly the most Clairvoyant person I have ever met.  And when I say the word "guru" keep in mind that the meaning of this word literally is just a "dispeller of darkness".  This man became my mentor and my spiritual adviser.  He taught me how to use the gifts I was born with.  But he also taught me how to live by a code.  He said that the material world was one of "Maya" or illusion.  And he impressed upon me to use this ability to see beyond obvious surface manifestations and to deepen my own spiritual journey.


MARK:  Do you consider this man to be holy?  Like a holy man?


CHRIS:  I consider everyone to be holy.  


MARK:  Okay, but did he give you a spiritual name or ask you to refer to him as "your holiness"...


CHRIS:  ... order me to wear a necklace with his picture hanging from it?  No.  It wasn't like that.  It still isn't like that.  When you meet your guru you are meeting yourself.  And this is not even somebody who promotes himself of has a book out or anything like that.  A guru is really someone who loves you enough to take a chance on you and your spiritual evolution.  I think of this man as a father figure and a dear friend.  And he taught me to look at each person as someone who is here to become self realized - and never to buy into their cover story.  So when someone comes to me, say asking for advice on how to reunite with their ex lover...


MARK:  Do you get that a lot?


CHRIS: All the time.  But my point is that the question is never about what it appears to be. Why is somebody longing to be reunited with their ex?  Is it simply because they are soul mates and meant to make each other happy in this life?  I don't think so.  People come into our lives for different reasons, but ultimately everyone and everything we encounter is there to aid us in our spiritual evolution.  So if someone wants to come to me, with their cover story, and cast me in the role of "Psychic Reader" asking me to forecast their future, I'll go along with that.  And if I don't feel I can do it, I'll let them know I can't do it.  But if a person opens themselves up to me that way, then I feel that is really just a gateway toward a deeper dialogue.


MARK:  And what is that dialogue about?


CHRIS:  It's always the same.  It's around the "Who am I?" question.  Always.


MARK:  Now, when you say "Who am I?" do you mean for instance am I supposed to be an accountant or a house wife or a painter?  Something like that?




MARK:  So what do you mean?


CHRIS:  Well let me ask you right now.  Who are you?  Are you the brain/body organism who thinks it's Mark Levine? Are you your personal history?  Are you who your parents want you to be or who society says you are?  Are you a father, a husband a parent, a journalist?


MARK:  Well, I'm all of those things.


CHRIS:  Right.  But are only all of those things?  


MARK:  What do you mean by that?


CHRIS:  There is a saying or a question that one encounters on the spiritual journey.  Perhaps you've heard it before but I'll ask you right now.  Tell me what it is that looks out through your eyes?


MARK:  Me.


CHRIS:  And who are you?  Aren't you who you've always been, before you took on these roles - father, husband, son, journalist?  Is there not an unchanging quality?  Is that divinity which encompasses all things, which is all things, that which holds it all together, the known universe and beyond... since we know through the study of Quantum Physics that everything is part of everything else, okay?


MARK:  Yes...


CHRIS:  So you know that you are not only connected to everything else, you are everything else.  You are everyone else.  The part and the whole are the same.  So is God somewhere else?  Or is God right here, right now?  Is God looking out through your eyes?


MARK:  Wow.


CHRIS:  (laughs)  Yeah.


MARK:  And people in Beverly Hills talk to you in this way?


CHRIS:  Well, now that we are in the information age, it's people all over the world.  I have thousands of clients, spanning the globe, and the vast majority of them are neither rich nor famous.  Okay, but each one of them has come to me with a cover story.  If they have come asking for a psychic reading, and that's what they've paid me to do, then that's what I'm going to give them.  That is my occupation. I'm a Psychic Reader.  But for me it doesn't end there, it begins there.  And for everyone who has been able to cultivate some quality of illumination along the way, along the journey, your occupation is your cover story.  But your obligation, if your heart is open and you see others as yourself, is to create the possibility of a deeper dialogue - to realize that everyone who comes to you is essentially asking "Who am I?" and if one has any degree of self realization then they must confront this question in others with an open heart.


MARK:  Wow.  Really interesting stuff.  Do you have a book coming out or anything like that?


CHRIS:  Maybe one day.  But for now I'm just doing what I'm doing.  And we'll see where that takes me.


MARK:  Where can people find you?


CHRIS:  On my website.


MARK:  Chris it's really been an honor. Thank you so much for your time today.


CHRIS:  Thanks for having me.  Stay in touch.









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