Why is it important that your Psychic be located in Beverly Hills? It isn't.  Geography is no indication of how good a psychic is. There are plenty of Psychics here in Beverly Hills who are circus clowns, delusional, hippy-dippy, new age frauds. Do not choose your Psychic merely on the basis of where he or she is located. That said, I am from Beverly Hills. I got my start here over 20 years ago. My first clients were in here and to this day, a significant portion of my client base is based here in Beverly Hills.

Many of my clients are leaders of industry and high profile individuals. But these are not the majority of my clients. Most of my clients are everyday people. The problems I solve have to do mostly with matters of the heart - stopping a divorce, reuniting lovers, ending cheating, providing career advice, helping to attract financial abundance, spiritual counseling, life coaching and providing emotional support.

I do not only accept clients who are VIPs - to the contrary. Although I have many clients who fit that description, because of where I am located and where I grew up, my typical client is someone who does not live in California, is not a movie star and is dealing with real life problems - problems that need practical and immedite solutions.

The most common thread that I see, when working with the majority of my clients, is that they are experiencing a challenge in their life that is very private. Also the advice that have received (if any)

from their friends or family goes against what they are feeling intuitively. If the problem has to do with a love relationship, most of my clients prefer not to leave something so important to chance. They seek reliable Psychic advise, and that is where I come in.

The problems that a singer-songwriter, an actor, a producer, a hotel owner or a hedge fund manager have are pretty much the same as your problems, when it comes to matters of the heart. Everyone needs love in order to give life meaning. Everyone feels alone at some point in their life. Everyone has had their heart broken and longed to have things go back to how things were. Everyone, in one way or another, has experienced betrayal.

When it comes to what really matters, having someone to share your life with, people are not all that different. We all bleed the same color. And we all seek the fulfillment that only true love can bring. The rest is just packaging. Love is what ties us together as a species. It's what drives our lives utlimately and it's what gives our lives meaning and purpose. Love is truly the one thing worth fighting for. Why let it slip away if you don't have to?

In conclusion I guess I'd just like to say - please do not let my geographical location cause you to think that your problems are not important enough. They are. I was born to do what I do. And I try to help everyone I can. Being born in Beverly Hills is luck, something for which I can take no credit for. Hanging on as long as I can, in an enviornment where the local clients expet a lot, is I suppose something of an accomplishment.

But in today''s information age, I have clients all over the world, and that is where I put my focus. Whether you are from Dubai or Delaware, I am interesting in talking to you, getting to know you and finding out how I can help. I look forward to speaking with you soon as I welcome your call.

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Comment by Psychic Christopher Golden on April 22, 2018 at 7:52pm


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