Yes, another success with this interdimensional therapy that I have been doing. Accept this time it was for me!!! I am so excited. I took Artemio's advice and found the seamless approach to getting this 2nd dimensional subconscience delimma that so many of us psychic folks endure. Let's see, I am sure of you remember, I was having discussions about the 2nd heaven level from some old texts that I had been studying for a long time. Thanks so much Artemio for getting those juices inside of my mind flowing for problem solving.


I was finally able to build that Cosmic Karmic Blueprint in the way that I really wanted it to become. Now, my whole perception has totally changed. Not just like visions or dreams, but realities in life. For a long time, I could not get my desire for my life to work with my thought processes in my mind. And on conscience levels I was trying to change my thinking to get back to what it was that I had really desired in my relationship with Mother Earth and the people that I have relationships with. It was a struggle. Having past life baggage and ancestor baggage made it most difficult. And for the fact that I happen to be oddly positive about everything in life causes people to just not take me seriously at all.


But what happened was that I took the memories that my grandmother gave me about how the earth looked without all of this pollution and unnatural upset inside the environment and meditated on them. I continued my studies only focusing on the most positive definitions that could come out of words. Then I used the 2 dimensional symbols that I had learned during my college courses in spirituality. I just continued to put these symbols into the places that I felt would be most productive. If the symbol could possibly be interpreted negative in any kind of way I found a place to attach it into my mind that could resurface in a positive action. My dad had taught me how to dream walk when I was a child. It is one of those old Native spiritual teachings that help people to get through the fears of nature so that friendship and spirit gaurdianship can manifest during daily activities.


Now, behind my eyes....even when I look into the mirror I see that beautiful world that my grandmother told me to never forget. And not only that, but I see the possibilites of making it happen. Using my psychic gifts and my natural gifts and hard work. I can't tell you how marvelous it is to see the world in this percpective. Even though I see the pollution and the gunk around me, I find it so easy to do something about it without anger or bitterness. I can't even believe all the energy that I feel when I am doing the work. It is almost like I can't feel tired while I am cleaning stuff up. And boy, my magik forest that I live next to is just thriving even more than when I first moved here and started performing the basic magik that my grandmother had taught me. These creatures are so happy and so am I! I can't wait to start this next year out with the hopes of new spiritual relationships and friends that await me. Those who speak from beyond who have important messages to speak that can make differences even today!!! It is thrilling. I just wanted to shout it out to the world. I finally did it! Thank you, Artemio for making your suggestions to me. It took some work, but the reward of feeling absolutely great about myself and my purpose has been most worth it!!!!


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