I declare a new dawn, a new phase, a new day of fresh opportunities. It is now 12:35am, and I focus my intention on the open space of possibilities waiting to show up in my life and the lives of those who are a part of mine.

I fill my being with divine white light, raising my consciousness to the highest frequency my body and current level of progression can handle. I perceive the unity of my being stretching out from this space and time to infinity, and focus my consciousness on the reality that I choose to enact.

I have accepted my calling and clarified my message, and now I declare the reality that I am and have been a catalyst for change. I have moved from helping the few to helping the many. I share what I have been given, and I move myself to the global level.

All wisps of the smoke of fear has long left my consciousness, and I stand on the mountain looking clearly, unhindered over the valley of a glorious new way of living and fulfilling my purpose in unity with the awakening ocean of higher beings ready to launch the final stage of The Shift. The lastphase, some say three years, a divine number, but we shall see. Everything is relative.

Tears well up in my eyes as exhilaration flows through my body, the shadow of divine creative force manifesting through my being and out into the network of fellow lights.

Bursting through me a cry: "Awaken children of the dawn, take your places in the light, and let the love, peace and wisdom spread in the natural wave flow from your core and spread out into the universe.

It is time for you to remove the veil and remember who you are and why you are here. It is time, family from the stars, to bring the message that is uniquely yours into alignment with the rest of the children of the heavens. Your time is now. Do not fear the shadow, for its time is at an end and its power has receded like the tide. Know that you are not alone, and that even though you may not see all of us you are surrounded by fellow way-showers.

The end of the deception is upon the earth, and flows into the world. Follow the calling deep within your soul without fear and without hesitation. Let regret fall from your mind for whatever failure you believe you may have transgressed, for it is nothing. Now is the time, now is what matters, and though the storm rages you will pull through as planned before you entered this world.

Remember always the light, and trust your heart's call. Let your intuition be your guide, and let no one bring you down from your post. You are the beacons on the coast, as the ships journey through the fog. They are coming home to the reality that you are creating, a home where all souls are accepted for who they are and what they believe, and shall not be put down for anything but harm for another.

Let respect for life and love, and harm for no man be your creed. Let the tears that you have shed for this world not be in vein. Let your calling be your unquenchable fire and let your love for the residents of this world be your unending fuel. You are as you should be. You are what is needed. Each of you has your piece of the puzzle to place, each your circle to raise. Worry not for those who reject the truth, for they shall find it in this life or another.

Your job/responsibility is only to preach your message to your charges who are ready, and let each choose how to act in response. That choice is theirs, and is not your concern. They are the masters of their life, just as you are the master of yours. Let each take responsibility for their part and the encouragement of your fellow workers in the divine plan that is flowing through you to remake the world in the glory that its inhabitants desire and bring manifest by their faith. You know in your heart what is true, and what you are. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, and let the world change by your inspiration and your love. This is the theme, this is the way and the life that you must live. We trust that you are ready willing and able, and we have chosen and empowered you knowing your soul and your fit to the position to which you have been matched. Go forth in passion and light, and let the light do the work. Know the work by the passion and the love with which you do it, and enjoy your reward. Peace and love be your way, and your words and actions be the example. We leave you now with a heart ablaze. You know who you are, and you know our presence and our call. Live it."

The tears and exhilaration recede, and I am left in peace and happiness unquenchable. We have our charge, and the last stage of my revealing is complete. Let no one hide in the shadows unless guided from within in the spirit of peace, not fear. The shadow rises to meet us, but we need not heed its battle cries. The war is already won, and only waits to manifest. Truth and love be our way. Peace be our wake.

Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller November 15, 2009
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A channeled message

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