98 Days of Revelation--Not Biblical, Though ;o)

You are not going to believe this! I had written this whole long piece on the 98 days and didn't save it and I LOST THE WHOLE DARN THING!!! Aarrgghh!!!!

I don't even want to recreate it, because I was on a roll (actually writing the past 3 days all on one day--and yes, I know, Cheater, Cheater. But I had confessed that and said I would make it up to you!) And I wrote THIS paragraph late in the evening and the first paragraph earlier today. So, guess I REALLY don't want to write...

Okay. There's a good thing: Will I allow a minor setback to stop me?

What if I say YES? *smile*

How do you write that sound you make when you blow air through your lips in total frustration? *grin*
Revelation. I wish I remembered all the good stuff I wrote earlier. But here goes anyway.

Revelation. There is a wise saying from King Solomon that says, "As a (wo)man thinks in (her)/his heart, so is s/he." (Politcally correct additions are mine) ;o) [Okay, it's the next day. Here I go...]

So, does this say, "As a man thinks, so is he"? Or does it say, "As a man thinks--in his head/mind--so is he"? No. It says, "...in his heart."

What the heck does it mean to think in your heart?

Thinking with your heart is about Experience. If you sit through a lecture--or read a lesson--that you feel you have gotten nothing from, why do you suppose that is?

I think it's because that person was speaking to you from their head. They were merely regurgitating information and it hadn't passed through their life 'experientially'--through their Heart--so that it spoke to Your heart. Head speaks to head, heart to heart. Shoot, we even have a saying about having a 'heart-to-heart', right?

So how do we get a revelation, an experience so we Know with our Know-er--so we Know that we Know that we Know--and can then make Big Change in a small amount of time? (Knowledge is synonymus with intimacy--more on that another day maybe.)

I understand there are 'Aha!' moments we could call Revelation. Heck, I hope someone is having a few of those while they read my blogs. *grin* But what about 'hearing' what I have to say will make it a revelation for you and not just a 'how to'?

You will have to apply yourself to it, and if you were here with me I would have you get up and work on some symbolic exercises to get the reality of the words INSIDE you. I guess you could say that is the difference. One is external, in a sense. It just requires storing the info in your head. The other in internal, intimate, in that it becomes Part of you by the doing...of incorporating the principles or what-have-you into your very being with the chemicals that sear them into your memory, into your life Experience.

I hope this makes sense. I think I said it so much better yesterday before it got 'lost'. But maybe there's an example in that: I learned, by experience, that I can't go from this page without saving what I've written, or else it will be lost. So it is with us and our learning. If we don't figure out how to 'save' the info in some place where it becomes an automatic part of us, it will be lost. Hmm.

Anyway, if that's confusing, I suspect someone will let me know, right?

In the meantime, may Revelation become a part of you as you walk the path set out before you and you work to discover the truth of who and what you are!

Much love,

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