Well, I was encouraged to keep blogging here, so guess I won't quit this space. Thing is, what am I going to write about today?

Last night I as doing something a friend suggested: I meditated on the first Hebrew letter, Aleph א. When I closed my eyes to see it, it turned to light and I thought, "Aleph, the center of the universe." As I thought this unplanned thought, the Aleph א began to spin like a windmill toy and it looked like the Milky Way, throwing out light from its tips. It was incredible! It took my breath away, and I kept thinking, "The center of the universe. The beginning of creation," over and over as I watched it spin and twirl and cast out light.

I'm not saying this has anything to do with 96 days left in the year or anything else I jabbered on about for the past few days, but it does dawn on me it may very well be a revelation of some sort. The letter א Aleph when rotating is like a like a fan. I looked it up just now and read that the rotating Aleph is the wind, the hurricane (the head of God). When Aleph א is rotating, spinning, it is making of the air a circle--a single yod י (which represents the Hand of God).

So, I guess, maybe what I was 'seeing' was the hand of God creating, or the hand at the center of the universe. Ooh! Or maybe--now that I am visualizing it again in regard to the center of things--something like the 'propellor' on the motor that 'energizes' all that is!

Whatever, it was a very moving experience to see it spinning. It was, now that I recall, a rather magnetic occurrence--I felt it 'drawing' me toward it and my heart was attached to it in such a way it stunned me. There was some truth in it I could not truly see. I guess I will have to close my eyes and hope it just appears again. I only had closed my eyes, I hadn't even spent any time. It was just 'there' with the adjoining thought.

אלף Aleph is written א Aleph, ל Lamed, and ף Peh. The letters that spell Lamed ל (Lamed-Mem-Dalet) stand for the Hebrew words 'lev meivin da'at' which means 'a heart that understands knowledge'. Now we have the breath of God being drawn down by the Lamed ל from the highest point to the lowest point (Lamed ל is the only letter that does that) and it is drawing it into a heart that understands. Pe/peh actually means mouth. So then this aaah sound in Aleph א is brought down through our understanding becoming intimate knowledge (I really will have to write about the intimacy of the word knowledge soon) which we then speak with our mouth/peh. Ooh, and that's like what I was saying about heart-speak being what revelation is about! And That's what revelation does. It receives from 'above' (this isn't necessarily literal, okay?) and as it filters through our lives to the very essence of who we are through the Lamed ל--after all, it DOES say 'heart' understands knowledge, right? (WOW) --then you are able to 'begin' ('begin' being, again, Aleph א, the first letter)...able to 'begin' to speak.

And be worth listening to, I suspect. ;o) Because it should be coming from the heart.

I leave you with the spinning, rotating thought of the Aleph א. May the air--the wind--it stirs up be like the Breath of God and blow through you in such a way it clears your head and breathes new life into you as you face the next 96 days toward the beginning of a new year. May you have a revelation of the One (Aleph's numeric value is One) who created and creates, who in the center of all things. May you have eyes to see and ears to hear the vastness and the grandness of All That Is.

Much love,

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