This blog is coming to you later than usual. I was up late last night sorting through my 'wisdom' to send to Danielle (she asked for it) and I was at it WAY longer than I intended. Guess I just have a lot of wisdom, ha ha ha !!!

The countdown to the first of the year is speeding along, don't you think? I read recently Time really is going faster. I honestly don't know how they can tell by that clock thingy, I mean, wouldn't it be affected by being on the planet with us? But whatever. "Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippini'...into the future..." as the oldie goes. And we are slippin' with it, as far as I can see.

Which, by way of segue, doesn't lead me anywhere I feel I know anything about in order to expound upon it. ;o) I did, however, write something when I was in high school which I have no idea where is, but I did try to recreate it. It is a play on Shakespeare's words, "Tomorrow...creeps at its petty pace". I will share it here:

Yesterday and yesterday and yesterday
crept its petty pace, easing forward yet unmoving,
day by day
from the first soliloquy of creation to the last gasp of its existence.
All our tomorrows are but fantasy, flashed before our eyes,
a jest to be ignored as falsehood until we prove their verity
by their becoming nothing more than the shadow they are,
the yesterday we pilfered in our waking slumber. (C)

Pretty heavy for a 15 year old. At least back then. "...its petty pace, easing forward yet unmoving..." All our days, whether forward toward the future, or behind us as a bleary memory (which science has proven isn't real--the past, that is) are really nothing, for we are spirit, and spirit has no beginning or end, no 'when' or 'then'. Can you even begin to fathom that? Time is nothing. It is all NOW.

This being so, what am I doing NOW that makes any difference in the Now of Now? When I as a little girl, before I started school, I remember thinking to myself, "By the time I am done thinking this thought, that time will be past." I lived a lot in my head as a child. Still do, I suppose. That is one of my first memories. That and being able to spell 'university' at the same age.

Anyway, what is in motion--time or my self, the spiritual aspect that is 'me'? It so boggles the mind, kind of like time travel. I love the concept of time travel, but the implications and such of it just make my head begin to hurt. Especially if I believe in the ever-present Now. All I should have to do is blink--like I Dream of Jeannie?--and my Self would appear in another 'time'. After all, if it all exists at the same 'time', why not?

"All our tomorrows are but fantasy..." they exist here and now and they do not exist here and now. They are fantasy until we make them real. And then, as the poem says, "...becoming nothing more than the shadow they are, the yesterday we pilfered..." for how will any moment be anything more than here and gone in a flash? Even tomorrow is nothing, is but a fantasy. It isn't real, any more than the yesterday it will become.

So I guess the point of this rambling is this: Live in the Now. Create in the Now. Now is all we are given. We are not given tomorrow. For not only does tomorrow never come, it isn't real in the first place. And yes, I suddenly realize this is a lot of existential blabber, but there is truth to it. Can you go live in tomorrow? No. You can only live Now. Can you create in tomorrow? I know some of you would say Yes! But no. We create in the Now because Now is all we have.

I get this marvelous picture in my head as I say that! It's like magic. One minute your hand is empty, the next you are holding something. Think of it! That is what creating in the Now IS! It is seeing what Could Be and making it Be. I do not have it now, but now I do. Because I Created it! I knew it was there, I just didn't have eyes to see as yet. But the minute I chose to see, It Was There! In the Now! Wow! I hope you can 'see' what I am saying here. It is so profound to me. It's not magic, though, it's seeing things as they Are in the other Now, the other realm where ordinary eyes do not see. But if I choose to see beyond the ordinary, to see beyond what is seen and truly 'see' with eyes that Know, then Wow, it IS. For nothing is 'going to be' and nothing 'used to be'. It all just IS! It just IS and all I need to do is See!

That is what I leave you with today because I have to go think about this for a while--which I realize is Time-speak and so was a lot of wording in the last paragraph. It is how we live. How we perceive in these bodies we have taken on. But That Doesn't Mean It Is Real. It just means it is how we talk because of how we think and how we relate to things that Are. I will let you know how I do on this. Just because I see the truth of it doesn't mean I am anywhere near able to manifest it in my life. But I am definitely going to give it a shot. You can bet the farm on that! ;o) And I Do know I have had it happen in my life before. I suspect we all have. We just need to notice and remember so we can learn to make it Be all the time! I know, Time...)

Till we meet again--not in the future or tomorrow, but in the ever-present Now we perceive as tomorrow :o)

I am,
Teresa, Dreamer of Dreams. ;o)

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