94 and Counting. I Can Hear the Final Countdown in My Head Already! ;o)

Thirteen weeks and three days to go. Ah, thirteen. The number people are afraid of to the point some buildings don't even label a 13th floor. I say 'label' because, duh, let's be honest here--a rose by any other name. It may say 14th Floor, Lingerie, but honey, we all know it's the 13th Floor, Black Cats, Witches and Bubbling Cauldrons. *wink*

I like the number 13 more and more. I realize it is the Death card in Tarot. But it really represents Transformation, not actual death and dying. It is about being reborn into newness.

One thing I learned in studying Judaism is their love of the number 13. The Hebrew words for both Love and Unity have a numeric value of 13. When these two are added together making 26, they equal the name of God, YHVH, who IS Love and Unity. *grin*

Lucifer had 13 sets of wings. One set, since this is an 'uneven' number, was to cover his face in the Presence. I realize this may play into the whole "Ooohhh weeeee" mentality, but Lucifer's name means 'light bearer'. Thirteen actually deserves that connotation more than the relationship with Lucifer as the bad guy.

The fish is a sign of secret wisdom. The 13th Hebrew letter, Nun, is also representative of the fish. Some people have believed eating fish brings wisdom. Fish were the only 'animals' not destroyed in the flood (well, all sea creatures) and therefore are considered to have been wise and not contaminated in the way the rest of creation had been, bringing forth the 'need' for the flood. Some people have gone so far as to infer that is the reason Catholics used to eat fish on Fridays. *grin* I personally couldn't comment on that. *wink*

Thirteen also shows up in the Torah and New Testament. There were 12 tribes situated around a 13th 'member', the Tabernacle (Elohim's tent, the Tent of Meeting). There were 12 disciples around the 13th 'member', Jesus/Yeshua. Israel is not the only 12 tribe society to revolve around a 13th, centalizing One. This is about structure, function and form.

Even in our body, we see this in Chinese acupuncture. They map the body recognizing 12 subtle nerve channels around a central 13th (an archetype, for astrologers among us, of the zodiac and 12 spheres surrounding one). Through this 13th meridian ch'i, creative energy, flows.

Even feng-shui is set up this way. As acupuncture harmonizes the energies of the body, feng-shui brings harmony to the environment, using the energy of 12 surrounding the 13th.

Now you know a little about 13. What about those 3 extra days after the 13 weeks? *grin*

Three is a fascinating number. When we get those 13 weeks under our belt and we are down to the last 3, we might remember this: Three is really the new One. *smile* It is the completion of all things. All good things come in threes, or so the saying goes. Tao Te Ch'ing said, "The One engenders the Two, the Two engenders the Three and the Three engenders all things."

When we are on the last 3 days we need to remember that though we have passed Christmas, Chanukkah, and other holidays and the new year of 2010 is just 3 days away, this 3 is the formula of all creation (according to Honore de Balzac) and we are about to embark on the 'creation' of a new year! Not just another new day, but a new year and we have been working toward learning new things in the last 100 days (97 at that point) and 1/1/10 will be our 'reward'. *wink*

So, off you go. Thirteen weeks and 3 days and counting. Walk in Love and Unity and the unifying quality of the 3 will guide you, for a 3-fold cord is not easily broken. Now, in 3-part harmony, say with me, "One, Two, THREE! We go Through to the 'other side'!" Woo hoo!


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