"All things must change/To something new, to something strange." Henry W. Longfellow

How true. I glance up again at that statement and as I am trying to glean something for sharing in this space, what hits me instead is the 'All things." Do you know how many statements include the "All things"?

Here are just a few from one source:
"All things work together for good (to those who love God and are called according to his design/purpose)."
"All things you desire that others would do to/for you, do even so to/for them..."
"All things you ask believing, you will receive."
"All things are lawful/permissible to me, but
all things are not expedient/profitable when considerd with other things:
all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any."
"In all things be thankful--no matter the circumstances--for this is the will of God...concerning you."

The list, of course, could go on and on and similar ones are found in nearly every description of man's relationship to the material realm and 'god'. Quite a few of these include some phrasing about 'sum of the Law and the Prophets', meaning, in order to access the 'all things' or even access understanding of it is to access the law and those who prophesy (prah-fess-eye) about this law.

Shall we call it the Law of All Things?

I admit I would like to know what these 'all things 'are. Who can even begin to fathom ALL?

I find it intriguing some people will read these statements and will think with the last one, Be thankful for a few things. Maybe even a lot of things. But what does that 'all' mean? I looked it up. Pretty much means "All". So what aren't I being thankful for? The broken dishwasher? The flat tire on the way to interview for a new job? The flu? I know it sounds ridiculous to be thankful for these things. But I wasn't the one who said to 'be thankful in All things,' now was I?

I had a friend once, years--decades--ago I was attempting to teach this principle. She called me one evening to say her basement had flooded and she had proclaimed she was thankful it had only reached the bottom step. I grinned to myself and asked her if she could still be grateful if it had reached all the way up the stairs. That took some rethinking on her part. She finally said to me, "So what you want for me to do is be thankful my basement flooded?" Yes. That is exactly what I wanted. Focusing on the negative as thanks misses the mark. Either the 'all things' is ALL or it's not. Which is it?

I realize there are situations that just don't seem like I'm sane saying such a thing. A friend's therapist pretty much disagreed with me when the friend was struggling through a divorce. Turned out what she learned from this helped her more than what the therapist touted, but... Same scenario, different friend. She took me at my word and became so thankful for her situation things just fell into place and she was awarded the children, great alimony, didn't get the hubby back like she had been trying so hard to do but a year later was married again to the most fabulous, caring (and wealthy) man.

So, maybe you could go so far as to be thankful for the flat or even the flu, but there are things no one should have to be thankful for, right?

I understand. I really do. But when I learned this principle I was 24 years old and my husband had left me for a snotty little thing who was still in high school! This thinking transformed my life and helped me get through the crap and feelings of worthlessness, etc etc etc. And I realize this isn't the worst thing that can happen to a person. My husband's oldest friend lost a leg to diabetes. Should he be thankful for that? Could he be thankful for it if he understood the 'all things' and the benefit of trusting there is a time and purpose for everything "under the heaven," as the wisest man who ever lived (Solomon) once said? All things Must work together for our good if we are walking as uprightly as we know how. What makes us upright? A grateful heart is not a bad start.

And yes, there are still things worse than losing a leg. I don't ever want to have to experience those and have to put this into practice in those times. But I have to believe it will help if I do.

Perhaps, now that I peruse that list again, the best thing to come of understanding the 'principle' of "All Things" is that we also get to apply it in the 'all things we desire' category. If we have practiced being grateful and thankful for little things and big things, things we enjoy and things we would rather do without, then I am thinking we have maybe opened ourselves up to a whole new dimension of thinking and awareness. We have opened ourselves to the "All Things".

Did you know one of the most ancient names for the god or goddess is The All That Is? Sounds like All Things to me! So out of that All that IS All, I learn to be grateful for that All that IS All and know that All has a plan for me, a future and a hope, and therefore I can ask anything--All things!--with belief that out of the All That Is what I ask is only a speck and I am able to receive it, for I have been a grateful 'child' who appreciates All things that are given to me--knowing they have been nothing more than a lesson for me to learn to know and understand. Then the All Things I desire will come to me as well, For I Will Have Raised My Vibration by having been thankful in All Things prior! Wow!

I hope this makes sense and encourages you to live with a thankful, grateful heart in ways you hadn't thought of prior to this blog. Shoot, it's kind of a new thing for me as well! *grin* I look forward to All that is coming my way as I continue to be thankful in All things...even the life I live I sometimes--all too often--grumble about. I am Thankful! It is All part of the plan!

And now, because All (good) things must come to an end,
I will sign off. *grin*
May all things bright and beautiful come your way~Teresa *hug*

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