This Aleph is sideways, in spite of not being that way from where I copied it. But you can still get the general idea.

I understand Unity in a way I didn't a minute ago. In the Aleph א, the center of all things ~ as I shared a few days ago ~ the balance of yin and yang, good and evil, light and dark, negative and positive, or just any opposing forces or feelings or thoughts are United--at the place of the Vav. Now I know you don't know what I mean by saying anything about the Vav ו. But in Hebraic thought, the Aleph א is made of a central Vav ו and two opposing Yods י .

The Vav ו, the sixth letter--6 the number of man, the number of days to create--Wow, perhaps it is 'man' that unifies all things--because after all, it was 'man' who 'divided' it when eating of the Tree of Knowledge of 1) Good and 2) Evil. The Vav ו is Connection. The two Yods י that make the Aleph א with the Vav ו are the two points of light--Light contracted by 'God' to create hollow empty space--the 'place' necessary for the existence of the finite worlds.

In Biblical Hebrew the Vav ו functions to invert the apparent tense of a verb to its OPPOSITE from past to future or from future to past. Note its job is to make an opposite. It is also said, based on things I don't need to bring up here (perhaps a later date?), the Vav ו even connects and interrelates all 22 individual powers of Creation-the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet from Aleph to Tav. (This is a great story in and of itself. Remind me and I will tell it sometime, too.)

As for the Yods י that are connected (!) to the central Vav ו , they are considered the Infinite Point that reveals the spark of essential good. Finite manifestation begins from a zero-dimensional point, developing into a one-dimensional line and then a two-dimensional surface. The full spelling of the letter Yod י (Yod-Vav-Dalet ד) alludes to this: 'point' (Yod--it looks like a point), 'line' (Vav--what it looks like), and 'surface' (Dalet ד --check it out!)

Okay, so my point was this: These two points of light, the Yods י, are also considered to be representative of the upper and lower waters and the firmament between is the Vav ו. The upper water is considered to be the water of Joy. The lower water is the water of Bitterness. Being close to 'God' and being far from 'God'. There is a great deal of meaning in these Yods י, but suffice it to say, they are definitely opposing, whether feelings, thoughts...what-have-you. They even represent the gap between 'God' and man.

And that is my point, really. And yes, funny it is my 'point'. Perhaps I am bringing, if not two opposing thoughts together, I am at least getting my OWN thoughts together. *grin* The Aleph א is about something that separates yet unites simultaneously. It is also known as the secret of the image (there's a great study, too!) in which man was created. But always, and above all else, Aleph א is about One. Unity.

One more thought. Hebrew letters have a numerical value, or gematria. Aleph's is one. A Jewish prayer states that God is One. On a more complex level, taking the 3 letters I mentioned as forming the letter Aleph א , their value is (Yod) 10 + (Vav) 6 + (Yod) 10 = 26. You will remember I mentioned the other day when writing about 13 that the Name of God (the YHVH) equals 26. So through that connection, the Aleph א represents Ineffable Name. It represents that which is known as One.

So somehow we are supposed to see the bringing together of opposing forces or whatever and become connected (Vav), become One--become (like?) God. This is pretty deep stuff. And if you add it to Danielle's observation that my spinning Aleph א looked a little like the Milky Way and the Milky Way is Mother Energy and Mother is believed to have been the Creator in some cultures (even in Judaism you can see the contraction of the Vav as a feminine 'womblike' thing)...well then, I'd say I've only begun to scratch the surface of this vein of thought...

Till next time,

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