You know what really sucks? Having two great ideas after you've turned off the computer and headed to bed, only to forget them when it's time to blog. Why, oh why did I say I would do this for the whole 100 days? Oh yeah, I remember why! I'm an idiot! And I knew the book I was going to have to read for my Oct book club was about a woman who blogged for 365 about 500-some-odd # of French recipes. And I thought--quite vainly and foolishly, i realize--that I could do that, too! ah ha hahahaha !!! (Sinister laughing)

What I Do remember about my two blog ideas is only one word of one of the ideas: Teen. And no, it wasn't Teen Angst. Though I suspect some of that would've ended up in there! ah hahahahahah (sorry)

This is what comes of having a brain like a magnet, attracting great thoughts, ideas, words--but the darn thing is hooked up to a SIEVE!!!

I took care of my granddaughter today--the one who is in kindergarten. She was sick. It wore me out! When she woke up she told me her mommy had told her I had mashed potato soup. *Grin* What I Do make, that my mother made for me when I was sick, was what Mom called 'Soup Taters'. I had to go borrow a potato from a kindly neighbor to make it, but what memories flooded back to me. Sliced potatoes, butter, salt and pepper. What an aroma! (Now I sound like Julie in Julie and Julia--the book I have to finish by Sunday and I didn't get much chance today--and I only remembered yesterday I needed to read it!) Anyway, it was Alluriah's first ever soup taters and she liked them. She looked at me and told me when she was done she was going outside to play. She didn't. She came back in here (I had made up a little bed on the floor in here so she would't get her germs where the other girls or Papa could catch them) and laid down and tried to go to sleep.

So, look at that, will you? (Nice segue, Teresa) Eighty-eight days left. Two more till I can talk about 86 (and not just 'being 86'd"). *tee hee* You know what, I don't have anything to say about 88. Reminds me of snowmen, or the numbers on football jerseys, but that's about it. Eight and eight are 16, the 1 and 6 = 7, 7 is the # of completion--but honey, we ain't there yet! So that's it. I'm dog-tired and I am having difficulty keeping my eyes open. I am Off!


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