So, today, should we talk about 86? Sorry to leave you hanging. And I realize I don't know/remember as much as I thought I might have to share here. Oops. My bad. I can only hope it doesn't cause you to "86" me from the blogosphere. ;o)

tr.v. eight·y-sixed or 86·ed, eight·y-six·ing or 86·ing, eight·y-six·es or 86·es Slang
1. To refuse to serve (an unwelcome customer) at a bar or restaurant.
a. To throw out; eject.
b. To throw away; discard.

I don't recall if I shared this before or not, but the title "Elohim" has a gematria (numeric value) of 86 in Hebrew. It begins with the letter I have already talked about--Aleph. ;o) In fact, it is spelled aleph-lamed-hey-yod-mem. That's 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 40. I won't go into all the meanings of each of those letters tonight. You have already learned about some of them anyway. It would be interesting, though, to look at the meanings of each of these and see if they 'line up' with the meaning of the title, Elohim/master (in fact, Elohim is plural, so masters? Though there are many 'forms' which are plural in their Be-ing yet singular in essence...).

Hebraic gematria doesn't condense to the smallest number. In other words, 86 doesn't become 8+6=14; 1+4=5. It is 86. So when something comes up as 86, it is acceptable to relate it to the word Elohim. One of my teachers, considered among many to be the best female teacher of our day, even related it to a baseball team who hadn't won in 86 years and won again the year I was in her class. ;o)

Now, if we were to do it anyway (add the integers), we could even play with the 14 as 10 + 4 (Judaism gives so much leeway--I love it! And since they would consider the 14th letter equivalent to 50/Nun, this is really how they would 'make' 14--though maybe we'll check out that nun, too!) and the letters that are represented by 10 and 4 are Yod and Dalet. Together they spell Yod! Yod is like 'yad' which means 'hand'. It is also the letter considered the Divine Spark from which all the aleph-bet (and therefore, all of Creation) originates. Elohim is the 'name' used in Torah/The Old Testament when it speaks of Creation! The Hand that Created. (The Name/YHVH is more a Relational nomenclature.) Anyway, I like that relationship.

Okay, so let's add the 1 and 4 and see what the 5 reveals: Hey is considered a 'door'. You are (freakin;) NOT going to believe this! Hey/hei is the number of CREATION! It is made up of the yod and the dalet! The horizontal line on the top and the vertical line of the right in the letter Hei ה form a letter Daleth ד, which represents the physical world, and the isolated left line which represents Yod, the world to come. Therefore, the letter Hei represents the combination of the physical and spiritual realms, all that is above and all that is below. There is a TON of other stuff, but this is good enough, don't you think?

All right. This has been fun so far. Let's see what happens when we look at the 8 and 6 separately. Chet and Vav. I may need to insert something here about how the Hebrew language is considered to be made in the sense they see some letters as being made up of other letters (as you saw with the Hey/hei). The Chet/Het is supposedly made of a Zayin and a Vav. Zayin means 'male member' and therefore represents the masculine. Vav is the feminine. In the beginning...male and female he created them. And I must admit, I like that then there is also the Vav as the 6! So we show up twice in this mathematical evaluation? ha ha ha !!! Vav, as you may recall, is the letter of 'connection'. So! The connection of the male and female, masculine and feminine in the beginning/at Creation. And there's a whole 'theory' on that! But for right now I'll settle for the feminine being taken from the Oneness that many consider masculine in the beginning. There was connection in their Oneness and Oneness as connection after their physical separation. (Maybe one day I'll get into all that. Fun stuff! Adam "Knew" his wife.)

Oh, so how this relates to Elohim! Sorry. I got so carried away there I almost forgot it was about Elohim, not creation! THEY (we) WERE MADE IN HIS IMAGE!!! (Oh, remind me, I wanted to talk about that before!)

So, let's see. Have I covered every possibility? To tell the truth, if you see one I missed (like the Nun or 86 as Pe and Vav), I'll speak to it another time. Maybe tomorrow. My neck is killing me and I've watched a 5 year old with H1N1 for 3 days this week, so I'm going to go give myself a break. After all, it's nearly 11 PM here!

This has been fun, huh? But still, TTFN & LoLove,

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