How is it possible I took all day to write that last blog?

Eighty. Ten eights, eight tens.

Pei/Pe in Hebrew has the numeric value of 80. Pe is the mouth. It is communication. In the Zohar (ancient Kabbalistic/mystic writing) it says, "[the power of] da'at/knowledge is concealed in the mouth."

What is interesting, considering inside the empty space created when the Pei/Pe is written one will find a Beit/Bet (the letter affiliated with duality--the second letter of the aleph-bet), is that Pei/Pe is the 17th letter which is the numeric value of the Hebrew word tov/good.

So is the mouth filled with duality or is it filled with good?

"The heart of the wise informs his mouth." "The words of the mouth of the wise find favor."

Looks like it's about wisdom.

So then, the question becomes, "What is wisdom?"

In Kabbalah's Tree of Life Wisdom/Chochma is the third sefirah. The Zohar breaks up the word chochma itself into two words: "koach" and "mah". "Koach" means "potential", and "mah" means "what is". Thus chochma means "the potential of what is", or "the potential to be".

Today is a day of reckoning your potential, the potential of what not only the end of this year can be but what 'awaits' you at the beginning of the New Year to which we are counting down.

Potential comes from the word potent. It means being potent; endowed with energy adequate to a result; efficacious; influential. So, wisdom is the "potent energy of what is". Wow.

I mean, Look At That, will you? The potential or potent energy of what ALREADY IS!!! This SO reminds me of a study I did once on the word shema/hear. Shema also means 'obey'! So, inherent in the word that is spoken to us is the Power To DO It! OMG, this is SO incredible! THIS is Wisdom. This is just so deep I don't think I can think anymore for a while...

There are other deep understandings of Wisdom, in fact, Maimonides has a whole section in his book, :Guide to the Perplexed, on the levels of Wisdom. Perhaps one day I will delve into those with you. After I've swum there and can manage understanding (binah) them myself! *grin*

Until such a time as that, be wise, my friends. Discover the potential in every moment and live life to the fullest, allowing only wise and kind truth to proceed from your pe/mouth. (Here's a funny aside I just 'saw' as I was writing that--pei is like a misspelling of pie--so watch your pie hole! Sorry, I just had to share that...) *grin* (Or *grimace*?)


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