Boy, having your computer incapable of logging in to blog can really throw you off!

Let me figure this out...Thirty-one days in December + thirty days in November + 15 days (including today) left in October = 76! It was not that long I was without access, was it?!?!?!

Being prolific is one thing, writing several blogs a day is insane! Maybe. Maybe I already was and blogging has nothing to do with it! ha ha ha !!! (Or should I say, "Mwah ha ha haha!"?--Evil laugh)

Did you know that Tarot kind of works in the same way as Sacred Geometry? You probably did, huh? I just find it fascinating how Tarot relates to the Hebrew alphabet, astrology and sacred geometry. And that's probably not all. Maybe I should save this discussion for the 78th day, as there are 78 cards in a Tarot deck. I know it will be fun to talk about the make-up of the deck, 22 + 56. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Fifty-six is an interesting number as well.

How about I start today and finish tomorrow (which will probably be 'today' since I have some catching up to do).

Twenty-two in Kabbalistic thought...Kaph-Beit. Also known as the Path of Lamed (you will recall the teaching I did a while back on the meaning of LaMeD when it is broken down). The Path that connects Gevurah/Severity/Judgment* and Tiphareth/Truth/Beauty**. (* & ** See bottom of page)

Twenty-two letters. The 22nd Path is The Path of Lamed. The Path of a Heart that Understands Knowledge?

I know in Tarot this path is equivalent to the Strength or Karma card. It corresponds to Gate Four (Chesed/The Gate of Will) and is about owning the results of thoughts, words and deeds. Some places it is called the 12th path as it is the XI card, with a 12th Tree Path. It is also known as The Faithful Consciousness. And "The Snake That Gives Knowledge and Delight and bright glory". In the Book of Thoth it represents the most critical of all operations of magick and alchemy iand is therefore considered the most powerful of the Zodiacal cards as . Wow.

But this is my favorite meaning of the Path of Lamed, the 22nd Path in the Tree of Life:
The Woman Justified.

I love that because I think the feminine energy/Divine Feminine/feminine power (that Snake mentioned above) *smile* has been squelched and abused far too long, even in this day and age. (You probably don't want to see me get started on that!)

And that's just the beginning of meaning for 22 and I haven't even begun on 56.

Maybe tomorrow. I celebrated a granddaughter's 10th birthday today and it is now very late here.

Till then,
*Gevurah (Primary meaning: Judgment. Also known as: Strength, Severity, Fear of God, left arm of God, red, ELOHIM, YAH, associated with Isaac)
**Tipheret (Primary meaning: Beauty. Also known as: Harmony, Rachamim [compassion], the attribute of mercy, the written Torah, Bridegroom, Husband, Son, King, Father, Messiah, Tabernacle/Temple, the Holy Tree, [Tree of Life], heaven, the letter "vav," Creator, Gate of Righteousness, Sun, "the Holy One blessed be He," HA-SHEM, YHWH, YHWH-ELOHIM, the Great Name, the Unique Name, the Lucid Mirror, Open Miracles, lulov [on Succoth], the shofar [as related to the mitzvot of blowing the shofar], green, Tefillin of the Head, associated with Jacob)

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