Hmm. Looks like I started 78 before, but I must've lost the body of it because I don't see it anywhere. ;o(

I have a ton of things I've written for here, but today I am going to talk about the walk I took today and the moment of praying for my dad who has been hooked up to a hose to drain his lung of pus or something since his surgery a couple months ago. He thought he'd be better and out and about by the first weekend.

In a way, this is going to be going backward, as some of the blogs I haven't posted are about my walks and their relation to the spiral. But I am starting here anyway.

I was taking my walk and maybe about 1/2-way through I started praying for my dad. I was doing the spirals (with my hand) and suddenly I saw myself on the Tree, near the Chesed and so I sat on that branch and prayed for my dad, then reached over with my right hand to touch Gevurah. At the end, I kind of touched Tipharet with my toes, then slid down. I got tears in my eyes as I watched this unfold. I hoped I hadn't done something wrong in not going in as a friend of mine had said, because there it was, in a flash. I hadn't really thought about it. I'm sure her mentioning it in her email gave my mind that opening. She mentioned it in regard to my sharing with her about the spirals and using the Hebrew alphabet, aleph to zayin (1-7) and making 7 circles as they relate to some things we had studied.

But instead of saying, "Aleph, bet," I kept saying, "Ayin, pe." I couldn't figure it out. I kept trying to correct myself and 'ayin, pe' kept coming into my head. So I talked to her about it being ayin/eyes and pe/mouth in regard to what I was sharing this information with her in the first place. She came back with a Kabbalistic meditation she had been taught that required a bit of 'doing' before entering into the Tree.

So you can imagine my concern at just 'showing up' there and not 'doing' the work she mentioned to get there.

I don't know. I only know I saw myself, however tiny (it was kind of funny how small it all looked in my 'mind' as I 'saw' it there), not even climbing the tree but floating to the Chesed and then saying, "Okay, this seems like the right spot to ask what I need to ask." ;o)

All that to say what? Just I had a great experience this morning and I wanted to share it with you. ;o)


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