Wait! Wasn't I doing something about the make up of the Tarot? Oh, I should check, maybe that was on the 79th day and I didn't lose that blog. I am still lousy at this! What the heck? ;o)

Today I am going to talk about my first serpentine walk. I hadn't really thought of it as that at the time, but as things go on, you will see why I look back and see it as part of what happened over the next couple days.

I was actually bored with walking, and especially since I started walking for an hour instead of half an hour. I don't want to get too far from home (I did that one day just following whichever path looked inviting and ended up a few miles past where I thought I might end up and had to then push my lazy old heiny all the way--uphill for the most part--back home! Not terrible, but I'm a little more careful now). ;o)

So I decided to do right, left, right or vice versa one day, then two lefts, etc or whatever after that. By the time i got up to double or triple turns--and that's tricky in a neighborhood with curving streets and dead ends and cul-de-sacs--I was doing the serpentine tour of the neighborhood. ;o) At the beginning of this particular day--last Saturday--a black cat was giving me the eye. I mean this cat was all hunched down as if to pounce and its head was following me down the road. I know because I kept eye contact for a while. ;o)

About half-way this huge black bird--a crow or a raven?--flew down almost as if to meet me as I crossed a street to a fenced yard where he landed right in front of me. I laughed and said, "Well, hello there," and kept walking. Again, not thinking anything of it, other than wondering what he might have wanted to tell me. (AnimalSpeak)

It was the next day these animal appearances began to take on some significance. I will share those with you, too. Tomorrow... *tee hee*


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