76--Trom-bones? (Hallowe'en reference + Music Man) ;o) Spiral-walking/Circle Prayers

The first day of walking in a spiral...

I had decided to walk in a spiral for a couple reasons. First, as I mentioned in the last blog, I was tired of walking down to one street and turning around to return on the same path, even if my destination was a different street in the first place. I was 'mixing it up', so to speak. ;o)

But a friend and I were discussing circle prayers--this came up because of my dad and being attached to those annoying hoses for so long. I figured I could attempt to walk in a spiral through the neighborhood, although so many streets don't go through or are curved in the 'wrong' direction or whatever.

You know how I told you about the cat and the crow on my walk. Well this day was even better. ;o)

It was SO cool! I started at the school, near the playground (both of which I am sure are significant) and did my best to walk in ever-widening circles (considering the layout of the neighborhood). At one point I had to walk the same street, but walked on the other side. Just before I had gotten to that last circle (4th--next time I'll brave looking more like an idiot to the neighbors and walk in 3 small circles near the beginning in the schoolyard) a beautiful, glossy black cat with white socks bounded across my path. It was like watching a larger cat chasing prey. He had long legs and it was such a joyful, graceful leaping.

Anyway, at the next turn on this 4th circle I decided to walk on the path that is right after the two blocks I had needed to walk on both sides of the street. There are two cottonwood trees standing at the 'entrance' and I stopped and took some grounding from them (as I walked down this particular street both times I was singing a healing song from deep inside my gut and the wind would pick up and swirl around me--maybe I was having a butterfly effect on the wind in the neighborhood?--and I would lift my hands and it was so empowering)--so I say hi to these trees, Svetlana (Great Light) and Sophia (Wisdom), and feeling happy I take a few steps and NEARLY STEP ON A SNAKE!!! (right in the spot I have seen a little black garter snake before--only this wasn't black--still small though) My foot goes down, the snake, thankfully, moves out of the way. I am paralyzed for a minute and I start saying, "Sorry! Sorry. I'm so sorry," and I start to walk again, not thinking until a few more steps that the thing could decide to follow me and get me! Oh yes, I have the most interesting walks in my neighborhood when I'm doing weird walking patterns. ;o)

The wind is so warm and little whirlygigs (as my Kansas auntie used to call them) are spiraling out there and I imagined myself being caught up in one, flying, rising. It was cool. On the last hill coming back home a woman came around the last corner in the opposite direction. People always look up and smile and then we're open to say 'Hi' or 'Good morning' or 'Beautiful weather,' but she looked right back down and I could see the sadness or maybe even despair in her face and I thought, 'Honey, you are inside my spiral. You are going to be okay.' And I sent her some energy.

Considering the pain in my right leg where it 'attaches' to my body the past few days I am amazed I walked for over an hour. I couldn't pick up a lot of speed so I don't know if this is really doing me any physical long-term good, but whatever. It gets me out of the house and gets the "stink blowed off" as my mother used to say. ;o)

What do you make of the weird animal sightings? OH I almost forgot. Last leg of the journey. Made it up the last stinkin' hill and am several houses from home. I see a beautiful bookmark in the street and pick it up. I am going to keep it--it's probably just going to keep blowing away, but then I think it's awfully pretty so probably someone nearby lost it and will miss it. I turn around to place it near the closest mailbox and notice a book leaned up against it. I place the bookmark behind it (inside is maybe how it got blown out if it went with it) and guess what the picture on the book is? A snake! The name of the book? Sacrifice. So...o...o...

LoLove, Me ;o)

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