75--One Quarter of the Way Toward January 1st--2nd Day of Spiral-walking

Day Two of Spiral-Walking:

As you may know, spirals are symbolic of the Divine Feminine. The black cat and black crow are both symbols of the Divine Feminine as well! As are snakes. Hmm. What's up?

Okay boys and girls, you are SO not going to believe this. Shoot, I barely believe it myself! My own mother kept saying to me today, "You're not making this up?" A friend asked me that when I first wrote her this, too! But no, I did not make this up. I'm good but not that good! *tee hee*

So I told you about the things that happened on my walk yesterday, right? Nearly stepping on a snake while I'm doing my spiral (serpentine) walk to bring a certain kind of energy to praying for my dad (as well as attracting $ to myself--hey, why not? I think both issues are related to wrong-thinking, so... ?). Well, today I start in smaller circles at the school and figure that way I may not have to walk on the path where the snakes hang out.

Wrong! Oh, I didn't have to walk on that path, but apparently there is something about the 4th circle (the place of manifestation where we begin to think we are done but we're really not--the Mother Substance--where depth is perceived--the framework of creation).

Ahh...in sacred geometry we learn about the Orphic Egg. It's "surrounded by a spiraling snake--symbols of the stirring Monad, the womb, or field of light giving birth to our divine Self" (which goes with the reading a friend gave me yesterday on Earth Sister!!). (The Platonic solid of Fire [pyramid] has 4 faces and 4 corners, but Earth is the 4-sided square.) TMI, I know...

But let me start at the beginning.

I started in the same area at the school. Because of the layout of streets in my neighborhood I decided to take a couple small 'laps' at the school. Unfortunately this kind of threw me off for the rest of the walk, but I suppose I'll figure it out one day here. ;o)

Remember the huge black bird from two days ago (raven, crow?), well he or his cousins were squawking pretty loudly at the school today. I thought one might be following me, but he wasn't.

I do my first 3 circles and am glad to be doing the fourth on the street directly ahead and west of my house instead of down on the path. You will recall yesterday's walk where on the 4th circle I nearly stepped on that little snake. Scared us both, I'm sure. So I'm safe, right? Well, safe but not from seeing snakes. No kidding, I'm on the 4th loop again and 'what to my wondering eyes should appear' but a silver snake, smashed in the middle of the street. I freak out. This is too weird. I go back to see what direction it was headed, if it was in a spiral (a little) and just as I am starting to breathe properly again, there is another little silver snake right on the corner where I am turning and he's flattened, too, but looks like he's tied in a knot (Celtic?).

Okay, so this is weird, right? Creepy even. And then that darn bird comes swooping and squawking in a spiral too... So I keep walking, trying not to freak out too much about what all this might mean. I'm a couple blocks around on the next 'turn' of my circle and two black birds cross my path, one walking, the other swooping a foot from the ground. He's a big 'un, like the one that landed on the fence right in front of me on Saturday's walk. They are several yards ahead and I'm trying not to think of them as bad omens, ya know? (They aren't. More on that later.)

So I'm a few blocks farther down, take my next turn and now I am one block behind my house. I am just beginning to think about what the 4th circle has to do with spotting snakes when I catch a glimpse of something I think might be a snake. I turn back and there's ANOTHER little silver snake smooshed in the street! I can't believe it! I've been out of body thinking, I guess, because as I turn I see ANOTHER one and it's right where I turned to come back to check this one out. That's FOUR silver snakes all heading in the direction of my house. (These two are on the street just east of my house, the others were down the block west of my house.) I think to myself, Just call me Medusa! But PLEASE don't let all these snakes end up at MY house! I'm beginning to worry I might run into a python at any minute here, ya know?
*grin?* *grimace?* I don't wanna be a snake charmer!

I finish my walk, notice that because of how I started I am actually on the same street as where I saw the 2nd snake on the corner and wonder if that means I get to count it as being on the 5th circle (and this is all
dependent on my counting the circling right at the beginning anyway). But no more incidents, thankfully. I guess. ;o)

So, whattaya make of all that, huh?

I will relay the info on raven, crow and serpent, snake next time. This one is already too long. The info is WAY cool, so look for it! ;o)

ML, Teresa

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