73--Ah, Of What Great Profundities to Write...

I may run OUT of profundities. HA!

I am trying to learn to really 'read' my tarot cards. And suddenly I understand why so many people have told me I need to have the Rider-Waite deck. The deck I have has pretty pictures, but I don't think some of them really 'say' what they need to say in order for me to understand what they are saying. (Is that a weird sentence or what?)

Thing is, I'm not sure the R-W deck does either, at least not when I was looking at the Major Arcana cards. I like pretty. I like romantic and faerie-ish and there are SO many choices out there I could never decide. Hence the deck I have from my daughter. Lovely pictures. Apparently the prettiest in the book store where they were purchased. But there are hundreds of decks out there. I knew I should have created my own!

What would a Tarot deck created by Teresa look like? Ah. Wonderful colors. I know! Maybe I could create clay images of what I think each card represents and then take photos of them to make into cards. Hmm. That's an idea. I work best with clay. It's malleable. I struggle with painting. It never looks as good as it did in my head. *grin*

I could even imprint real coins in the pentacles and wood in the staves and feathers in the swords. Hmm, but how to do the water sign? That would be tricky. Lots of blue, I guess. Rivers and ponds and rain and snow. I don't know! I just want one that is ME and that speaks to me. So many call out to me and I can't possibly have them all. Can I? Hmm. I could then take the pictures I like best in each deck and make my own that way.

Well, unless I come up with something a little more interesting to talk about, I am going to sign off and go have something to eat. Till then, I will just stick with the psychic artwork I already do. I should try to figure out how to upload it so you can see it, huh?

Till then,
I am -- what I am *wink*

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