Ah yes, the proverbial graduation date...1969. What a year THAT was!

My mother had me going to what may well have been the3 precursor to a psychic fair. It was held in the gymnasium of a neighboring high school. My mother had me doing the Ouija board. I don't know if I ever told her I could peek under the blindfold and read upside down or not. I don't know if I ever revealed I thought I was just pushing it, after all, I was almost always correct! Guess that was my psychic gift showing itself without my notice. *grin* Or hers. *wink* She had gifts, too. Just not with the Ouija board. Which is just as well, I suppose, because when she did try to work with hers, mine, and my grandmother's antique board on the day of an eclipse (a day rife with magic) she kind of lost it and ended up shaving her hair and slashing her wrists and sitting in a tub of hot water. Luckily she was found. But she was never quite the same after that.

Which kind of brings us to the whole Ouija subject, which Danielle and Chris have covered fairly well in other parts of the Global Psychics site. I suggest if you have yet to read that, go do that now. The Ouija is not a toy! It is not to be trifled with. And because my grandmother could work it alone, my mother didn't know this. When I discovered I had my grandmother's gift, I basically said, "No thank you," and went on my merry way. Of course, at the time, I didn't know why that turned out to be such a good idea. But boy am I glad it didn't 'sync' with my then newfound religious beliefs. Who knows what trouble it may have caused me as well!


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