I've noticed a lot of debate on the world ending on 2012....or at least life on Earth going extinct. But when you look at the facts, is there really any reliable proof? When you look at it from a religious standpoint, it could be the rapture. This, however, I find hard to believe. God has his plan, but I believe there would be more definite proof of the rapture was about to take place, if God decided there should be proof at all. Remember, God doesn't need to prove himself to us, so the point of having all of this "evidence" would be pointless. If he wanted to warn us, there would be no debate amongst humans of the events "about" to take place....would there?
On a historic standpoint, the Mayans, made a calendar. Not to mention various premonitions or proffecies from profits. Look closer though, the "profits" said to have guessed this have been incorrect on other predictions. I would like to bring up one of my favorite quotes,
"A false profit can make correct assumptions, but a true profit most likely won't make a false one."
This is believable, seeing how most proffecies are highly vague. The Mayan's calender just ends on 2012. This could be due to many reasons, they got lazy(doubtful, but hey), they were invaded or attacked before they could finish the calender, or they could only see that far ahead.
From a scientific standpoint, I have heard many slightly presumptuous theories.
I have heard that the Earth will align itself with the center of the universe, causing a shift of the Earth due to gravitational forces. At this theory I have to chuckle......WE DON'T KNOW WHERE THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE IS!! On the theory that the planets will align with the center of the galaxy, THE MILKY WAY GALAXY IS A SPIRAL GALAXY and Earth is ON AN OUTER ARM of it. Even if we were to align, I highly doubt we would be affected to such a great extent.
Even if everything said in this blog is incorrect, man has been predicting the end of the world for years. Each time they had believable lies that they used as "proof". This whole thing is taking advantage of people's fears to exploit them for I don't even know what! Even if the world were to end, why make such a big deal? It will happen no matter what right?

I would take more time worrying about the super volcano in Montana in Yellowstone, that will kill us all. Seeing how it's overdue to explode and everything.^^

(This was not meant to offend or take credibility from anyone. I just wanted to get my thoughts out too.)

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Comment by Danielle Daoust on November 25, 2009 at 7:16pm
You make some very good points, and I for one, don't see 2012 as an ending... however I can't discount the shift of energy I have been monitoring since the mid 80's, nor the sense of urgency I have felt building within the Universal Consciousness... there are a lot of things that could go wrong in this period - we are entering the Milky Way and there is a rare alignment with the sun and the galaxy to occur on Dec 21, 2012, and the poles are melting and probably also moving, weather is changing... coastlines are flooding... the earth is shifting her weight as we shift outr beleif systems.. there is no escaping the fact that we are ending a long cycle on planet earth... but I think also there is no doubt that life will continue to evolve here - how we do it will be dependent on how we cope with the changes upon us, and whether the most of us will choose to live in love and light. My thoughts...
Comment by Wonderland Cat on November 25, 2009 at 7:31pm
I agree with you completely Danielle. I believe there will be change as well, I also find it sad that most people look at the year in fear and cause themselves to worry.


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