My mother-in-law is half again as old as I am. That means, when I have lived as much longer as my second daughter is old, I will be as old as my mother-in-law. That may seem like quite a few years, all things considered, but when I think back on how quickly the years since my daughter was born--especially her 20s!--I am astounded at how little time there is left to do anything purposeful in my life.

That's not necessarily meant to be a downer. It's just facing the facts, I guess. I sitll feel really young inside, and people (kindly) tell me I look younger than my (unproclaimed) years. I have been guessed as my grandchildren's mother quite often, much to my joy--and probably their amazement. *grin*

The best remark was about 3 1/2 years ago when my first grandson was a few months old (he'll be 4 in a few days here). I was with my youngest daughter, his mother, when a woman close to my age came up and commented on what a pretty baby he was. He was a rather angelic-looking infant. I honestly didn't notice until I was with him and saw his first sitting up pictures a few months later. Anyway, this woman asked if he was my first and I responded that he was not my first, but was my first grandson. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head! She looked and me and said the strangest thing. "What do you do, sleep under a pyramid!?" And then she stormed off. I was a bit surprised myself at that point. I kind of wished she'd come back and talk to me because I really thought that was an interesting statement. I bet she was even more interesting than her statement. But alas. Our ensuing friendship was not to be. *smile*

I have often wondered about some other things as they regard age, too. When I was a very little girl people used to say I was an 'old soul.' I believe that. But the question arises then: Why, if I am an Old Soul, do I have an affinity for young people? Why do I feel about the same age as my youngest daughter? Is it possible to be an old soul with a young spirit?

And that, then, begs the question--the question I have never had fully answered to my satisfaction--What is the difference between 'soul' and 'spirit'? Any ideas on that one?

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