I am being frustrated right now. I actually started writing today's blog last night right after I posted the last one because a thought occurred to me. I had written half of it and accidentally hit a button that moved me from this page and lost (where does it go?) everything I had been working on from last night through tonight.

So, I am going to just say good night because it is already late, I had worked in an effort to not be up so late anymore and now...well, at least I'm writing something, albeit, nothing profound. All my 'profound profundities' escaped at the push of a button. ;o(

I leave you darlings with two things. One is that the Aleph spelled backwards becomes a word that means 'wondrous'. May we all have ears to hear and eyes to see the wondrousness of all that is, all that is held within the letter Aleph, the All That Is that IS the Aleph. (I did bring that up yesterday, right?)

And this is the other thing, a bit of Teresa 'wisdom':

There is much to be said, and many who strive to say it. Be ware, therefore, for not all are wise; not all perceive the depths of truth and reality that others perceive without effort. You must judge speech, judge whether it is of truth or falsehood. Some make much of the little they believe they perceive. Others hold intimately the perception of wisdom they contain.

So how much do I really know? Good morrow, my lovelies,


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