3 Days and Yes, I'm a Slacker ~ Thoughts on Blessing (as found in the Aaronic Blessing)

Okay, so I'm not faithful and committed or something. I realize I failed to keep up with my blogging all through the 100 day countdown to 2010. I had a few comments on my blogs, but actually, it was all friends who wrote to me via my email. And until they did, I honestly wondered if I might just be wasting space. And time.

Bah, humbug. Or maybe I mean waa (crying). Yeah, that's what I was going for.

So, ANYWAY! (One of my favorite words, it would appear) I was thinking with the new year not even 'just around the corner' but upon us full force, I would send a blessing to all who dare to read the musings of Teresa!

Now, as you know, I am a blessing giver. My Jewish friends were always surprised by how readily a blessing would flow from my lips, and, in fact, it is that ability or whatever that brought about my quotable quotes, many of which Danielle has put on the newsletter as Crone Wisdom. Yes, that's me Crone Crane. Except I'm a rabbit or a snake, depending on how you look at things--even a bull (Taurus)...but whatever! ANYWAY! as I am wont to say...I could spout a blessing for you right here right now or write a special holiday poem (some of you already received a silly Christmas poem from me), but I am going to go with an old blessing ~ The Aaronic (Aharonic) Blessing and give you a deeper understanding of the meaning of the verbs in the blessing.

You know how Spock makes that hand sign and says, "Nanu nanu"? Oh wait, that's Mork with the "Nanu." *grin* Spock says, "Live long and prosper." Well, believe it or not, Spock (Leonard Nimoy) is Jewish and he is giving you a shortened version of the Aaronic Blessing. Just saying, "Peace" is the total summation of the blessing. But do we know what 'peace' really means? What understanding of the fullness of meaning do any of us have in this day and age? I mean, what do you think of when you hear the word 'peace'?

Thing is, 'peace' means a great deal more than not fighting with someone, the opposite of 'war.' It is a deeply meaningful word that touches every single aspect of our lives. It has to do with our relationship not only with others, but with 'God,' whatever we might believe that to be, and with ourselves, as well as what goes on within ourselves (mind, body, spirit ~ physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ~ the whole ball of wax.)

So here is the super-amplified 'version' of the blessing, followed by the simple (well, it's amplified, too--the bold is the 'simple') translation and their Hebrew counterparts (the original):

Adding in the meaning behind the six verbs of the Aaronic Priestly Blessing making up the six separate elements of blessedness, here’s a more complete translation of these holy words:

May the Holy One infuse you with unlimited potential and empowerment and release you from restrictions and limitations preventing you from reaching the fullness of your potential to participate in your divine purpose. (Now, you have to admit that's pretty cool! We could all really use that! Right? Yeah!)
May He zealously cherish and treasure you, diligently defending and keeping watch over you to protect you.
May the light of His innermost being and essence illuminate you physiologically and spiritually, impacting your body, mind, soul and spirit with His warming, healing, soothing, restorative, empowering and constantly renewing energy. (Okay, think about this...the Face of God! And in Hebrew, it's a plural word, panim, meaning something really deep...for another discussion.) *grin*
May the Holy One give you what you really need, not out of pity, benevolence, generosity or some misguided thought that you have earned it, but because He has promised, as the stronger covenant partner, to strengthen you and enable you to reach your potential and enjoy the covenant He entered into with you at Creation. (Remember what I've told you about the strengthening part...this is kind of LOA stuff, in a sense.)
May He come out of the Holy of Holies to be present with you so you can experience true spiritual reality. (Now that's closeness, intimacy, huh?!)
And may He place/form and establish in you wholeness, wellness, purposeful living in joy, with abundant provision, harmony, safety, security summed up in the Hebrew word ‘peace’ in all your inward parts, in all your doings, in all you are. (May it be so--which, in Hebrew is "Amen!")

The “Priestly Blessing”

Y’varechecha Adonai
[May the Holy One bless you]
[and {zealously cherish,} keep{, watch over, and guard} you]
Ya'er Adonai panav alecha
[May the Holy One’s Face shine upon {and enlighten} you]
[and {shower you with grace,} being gracious{, kind, merciful, and giving favor} to you]
Yisa Adonai panav alecha
[May the Holy One lift up His {approving} countenance upon you]
v’yasem lecha shalom
[and may He give you {wholeness, wellness, security, abundant provision, and} peace{--tranquility of heart and life continually}].
[Numbers 6:24-26]


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