Another thought on the number 2012 itself...when we add the numbers together, numerology style, we get 5. Five is the number of mercy in some thought. It is also the number of Regeneration!

Iamblichus said, "It is a frequent assertion of ours that the whole universe is manifestly completely and enclosed by the Decad, and seeded by the Monad, and it gains movement thanks to the Dyad and life thanks to the Pentad."

The Pentad (5) represents a new level of cosmic design: the introduction of life itself. It is at 5 we see the pattern of the Fibonacci sequence, spirals, the Golden Mean (wherein the human body is ideally structured in part and whole accordingly)...and so much more! All pertaining to life, though!

So, if I just put these two things together--mercy and life--we can get a pretty good idea of what we at least hope 2012 will be about, bring about. Just think if I took each number singly, or the 20 and the 12 separately or the whole number (were I smart enough to know its meaning).

Anyway, just some afterthoughts on the numeric 'value' of 2012.


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