2010 is HERE! Thoughts on the numeric value of 2010

Three--the numeric value of 2010...The Empress/Fertility...
Empress 'balances' between Chochmah and Binah, wisdom and understanding, Great Father and Great Mother of Creation.
She is Dalet which means 'door,' but represents Selflessness. In the Zohar dalet is read as "that has nothing (d'leit) of her own." The full meaning of dalet is 'the door through which the humble enter into the realization of the most high's dwelling place below.'
May we attain wisdom and understanding, walk through the doorway that leads to these things, in all humility and selflessness, and attain what can only come from the god and goddess, the Great Father and Great Mother of All Things...

{I had a picture of the Empress with the Tree of Life superimposed, but it won't copy/paste. ;o( Oh well.}

Happy New Year, everyone!


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