Well, here we are, with the inherent challenge of what to do with the last 100 days until January 1, 2010 is upon us.

I thought about writing something similar for the entire 100 days:
100 Things to do with Spaghetti
100 Ways to spruce up your Ice Cream
100 Silly Stories to tell your...Mother? Grandchildren? Dog?

I honestly didn't have a clue until this morning when it came to me as I put on my eye shadow (and yes, I may be old, but I still like to look my best! Besides, yesterday I didn't get my act together until after 1 pm!)

Here's what was running through my head:

Of these three, which do you think is the most powerful?

Should I tell you or make you guess and write more tomorrow?

Tempting....Temptation (get it...the same ending)...Should I give in to the temptation? Ah, but which temptation? The temptation to tease or the temptation to please. *grin*

I think we'll wait until tomorrow and that way we can get your juices flowing for the next 99 days in our journey inward, outward, and UP!

No Procrastin-ation! See you tomorrow!


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