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The Key To Achieving Freedom and A Fair Societal Structure

People have chosen to deny their power and blame others for their problems for millennia, and so they have become less and less free. The victim mentality has manifested as a system of victimization and control. At any time people could choose not to participate in the system and create a new one or change their current one, but they do neither, as a general rule.

They have chosen not to accept personal responsibility, which is why many don't want to believe in God or Karma (you reap… Continue

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Invitation and February Update

We're creating a more consolidated structure for our global community movement/network and activating several global alliances. Will update again soon; a lot going on.

I'm about to send out the QE Newsletter, so if you haven't signed up yet; now's the time to visit our web site at It will be loaded with not only news updates, but educational information from our decades of research.

If you are a member of Facebook, please… Continue

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The Quanutm EmpowermentTM Alliance - Training & Research Library

You've heard rumors, theories, and probably even a few scientists and doctors talking about the changes going on in scientific communities and institutes around the world. Many fields or research, such as Biology, Physics and Archeology (just to name a few!), have been releasing information that challenges everything you were taught in school!

You've heard that the truth is out there; now it's time to find out for yourself! We've been on the cutting edge for decades studying And…


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A Message To Humanity

I declare a new dawn, a new phase, a new day of fresh opportunities. It is now 12:35am, and I focus my intention on the open space of possibilities waiting to show up in my life and the lives of those who are a part of mine.

I fill my being with divine white light, raising my consciousness to the highest frequency my body and current level of progression can handle. I perceive the unity of my being stretching out from this space and time to infinity, and focus my consciousness on…

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The Body Is Not The Self

The body is not the self; it is only a suit we use to interact in the physical world. When we leave it, we ascend to higher realms, and so the journey moves ever forward. It is merely another stage in the progression of the soul.

We should not be merely passengers in life, but active participators; making our life and the lives of those around us more enjoyable and empowered.

When a loved-one leaves a body and ascends, may we have the selfless grace to celebrate their… Continue

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My punishment for relaying The Message

Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller 11/18/09 5:15am - an update from my journal

I have been instructed to update this journal in light of what occurred

following the post of “The Message” and my related journal entry.

First, I had an amazing day which ended with getting my final attunement as a

Reiki Master and subsequent visitation and welcoming back from…

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Journal Notes on The Message

1:38 am 11/15/09 Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller

Oh My Gosh! I had a feeling it was important to amp up and declare that I was ready, but I NEVER EXPECTED THAT!

I wrote what I was doing before it started, so I dont' need to write it

here to remember, but WOW what a feeling! The energy and voice was

feminine, unquestionably. The divine mother, even as I question whether

I should write it she makes contact and tells me I must. Wow, what a

night! I put… Continue

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Two Experiences From My Childhood As Requested, mostly

A Warning To Seekers Of Answers:

Be careful what you ask for. I have been asked many questions in my life, and many who asked the questions were not ready for the answers.

What I have learned in my journey may shake the foundations of what you believe, but if truth is what matters to you then you have nothing to fear in asking me, or God; who always answers.

You may not hear "His" answer because you are not ready, but "He" will guide your soul to what you…

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Love, Happiness and Relationships

It is an amazingly difficult thing to maintain an open heart and mind, especially as an empathic intuitive, when you can sense/feel when people are being deceitful; when you know the corruption of the minds and hearts of many.

I am often reminded of Counselor Troy on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was an empath, part of a race of intuitives, and a diplomatic adviser and intermediary for the captain.

I have often thought about publicly offering such services, and… Continue

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Mind and Heart - Purpose and Balance in Consciousness

A response to Putting the Heart before the Course by Neal Worthington. Please read it first so you have a proper contextual understanding. Thank you. :)

Ancient Sanskrit texts (going back thousands of years before science and spiritual principle split) teach that you must balance your mind and your emotion, and use them accordingly.

The purpose of the mind is to clarify, visualize, and… Continue

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On Millenials, Miracles & Science

Note: This article was written in response to “Do You Believe In Miracles? Most Americans Do” aired on Talk Of The Nation on NPR

The most common definition I have heard for "miracles" is "an unexplained event", which is obviously vague and faulty. There are many who debate the existence of miracles, given the knowledge we now have about the nature of the universe and greater cause and process behind "unexplained" occurrences. I hear many things called "miraculous" and "unexplained"… Continue

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Musings Of An Awakened Consciousness

Every day we have experiences, and yet how conscious are we of what is really going on in these moments?

How do we perceive them?

How well do we deal with them?

All we doing all we can, both for ourselves and others?

Do we help strangers, or loved ones, or perhaps no one. Many people do not feel they have the time to help anyone, and do not even know how to help themselves.

Each day we greet people with the same empty questions and… Continue

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Preview - An Introduction To The New Universal Paradigm™

Topics Of Interest:

Uncovered & Recovered: New Information, Old Truths & Hidden Secrets of:

Ø The Sciences

Ø Religion & Spirituality

Ø Wealth & Business

Ø Psychology

Ø Health and Medicine

Ø Archeology & Our History

2012 and The Shift

Ø Prophecies & Propaganda, Fact Or Fiction?

Ø Solar System Changes

Ø Earth Changes

Ø Human Species Changes - The New Humanity

Controversial… Continue

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Purple Eyes

Note: This is a response to questions about one of my photos on Facebook led to the fact that my eyes change colors and have gone purple when I got angry. She wanted to know if getting angry/in a fighting mood was

the only time my eyes changed to purple.…


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When Will They Be Ready To Listen

A response to Haunting Eyes by Ridgely Goldsborough (He deleted my attempt to post this as a response.)

When Will They Be Ready To Listen

They talk about us often, those who have been in their bodies longer. They say that we are the future, but most do not listen to us in the

present. They talk about…


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For those who do not know who I am, I should probably introduce myself so that you don't think I'm just some random person talking about things I know nothing or little about, as many people do.

I am a philosopher, healer, conscious channel of communications from spiritually advanced souls, spiritual/psychic warrior (jedi if you

follow the Star Wars philosophy, which has apparently now become an

official religion), business consultant, graphic and web…


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2012 and The Shift: What’s Really Going On

I have been asked by many people what I have learned about 2012. I included information on this subject in my recent Quantum Empowerment TrainingTM titled “The Quantum Science Of Reality: An Introduction To The New Universal Paradigm” . Since we have been too busy to finish production and the bonuses yet, I will give a brief overview here.

When considering this subject,…


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Coaching The Coaches

Something amazing happened tonight that I thought would inspire and empower you. I would like to share that story with you today. I always respect the privacy of my clients, and will not include her real name.

Many people have this misconception that those who teach and coach others are these divine beings who rarely if ever go through hard times because they have all the answers. Many fear that we judge them and condemn them, thinking they're stupid for not knowing what we know.… Continue

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Overcoming The Fear IllusionTM mini-training

Most people have no idea what they are really capable of and what they have been denying themselves, simply because of other people's ignorance that they have adopted.

Most people don't even know who they really are because they're too afraid to find out.

They're afraid to be alone at night because when they lay down to go to sleep, their mind fills with all the issues they haven't resolved and all the things they condemn themselves for.

They're afraid to be… Continue

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