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New thoery #1

  So this is first of my theorys on how my powers work. I've been noticing that I  start hearing or feeling auras when I'm most relaxed and when I'M off gaurd so I decided to dtart medatating sadly I haven't got arond  to it. I also would like to  do a bit more yoga I started this summer and ever sence school started havn't done any. So in the meen time I'm going to have to find a way to relax my self during…


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I wish...

I could see the near  futur sadly I can't  I can only hear the the near futur.  Why?  I have no idea, but my theory is because my eye site isn't that strong cause in real life I wear glasses. the only way fo me to see the futur is to have a dream and when I have a vision/dream I have to wait a couple mounth for it to come true. And I'd also like that to feel… Continue

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stronger scences


So lately one of my scences has grown stronger.It's my scence of smell before it wasn't tis strong but now I can smell any thing. just last weekend my made tea in the kitchen and the kitch is after the halway in the appartement and I could smell it . At times when I'm in front of my door I think I smell…


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I recently had a dream were at first I was at school then I was walking home as usual but the while i was  walking i saw a small puddle and in that small puddle I saw a baby hippo then I patted on it's head and took another root back home on that root was the babys mother  and she was as big as the buildings  so I decide to try and run away  because some how I knew she was going to chase me. AS I was running i fell  and she had bit off  part of my arm… Continue

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