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Living With Gaia

I am feeling Her presence all around me now. As if is she is awakening with a new sense of Herself. I’ve always felt Her power and strength, Her benevolence and bounty. But when I connected psychically with Her in the past, it was not unlike connecting with a sleeping giant.

Something is different now… when I plant my feet on the ground, I feel her knowing I am there…. and I feel Her Oneness, her knowingness of All. It is as if the air is vibrating with Her…


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Psychics and Decison-Making

It makes me very nervous when I sense a client looking to me to make important decisions for them. The best that we psychics can do is alert you to the trends and possibilities, the obstacles and opportunities that will present themselves, given that you choose a certain path. Psychics help you be better prepared for whatever adventures may be coming…. At the end of the day, you must follow your heart… Our readings provide input, the insights and information that will help…


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My Cardinal Cross Story

Whew, I knew the Cardinal Cross was having a powerful effect on us when I first noticed a very clear and strong trend both in my own life and the lives of my clients and friends. Old, and often complicated issues from the past were rising to the surface once again, but this time with opportunities to introduce creative new solutions.…


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