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Why Master Telepathy?

It can be very useful to be able to get a message across telepathically. In the days before I had a cell phone, I counted on this ability. I recall one remarkable connection when my business partner and I were meeting off the highway, each coming from a different direction, each delayed by traffic and construction, neither knowing the other was also delayed. Fortunately we are both adept at getting strong telepathic messages through…. I kept telling her to meet me just…


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On Your Own Again?

Suddenly it’s over… whether you have been together for years or for months, there is an emptiness in you, a hole in your heart… you dread the thought of starting over, yet you ache for love – or lack of… If you have children, life has suddenly become a lot more complicated, you have new roles to play, and you may not know how…

My friend J. recently ended a 25 year marriage with a good man, but unfortunately, alcohol was now getting the…


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Guiding Spirits

What is a Spirit Guide? How do I connect with my spirit guide? How can I get direction from my guides? How do I work with my guides? These are some of the most frequently asked questions when folks begin connecting with their innate spiritual natures. Before I offer some answers, however, it is important to understand that spirit work must be taken seriously, with the intent to develop and grow, to align yourself with your Highest Purpose.…


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