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Overcoming Betrayal - by Psychic Christopher Golden

Few things are as painful as opening up your heart to somebody, your body, your trust, only to be lied to and disrespected. It's hard to imagine sometimes that this was once somebody whom you could not wait to spend time with, to share yourself with. How can a person present themselves to be one way, only to turn around and stab you in the heart?

Sadly, this…


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Beverly Hills Psychic - Christopher Golden

Why is it important that your Psychic be located in Beverly Hills? It isn't.  Geography is no indication of how good a psychic is. There are plenty of Psychics here in Beverly Hills who are circus clowns, delusional, hippy-dippy, new age frauds. Do not choose your Psychic merely on the basis of where he or she is located. That said, I am…

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