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Getting to know the angels.....

Those of us over here who have been fighting a severe illness together have been fighting the good fight. My goodness, how it has been a fight to get through all of this. But we have been getting to know the angels. As we have been getting to know the angels we have been gaining health and strength. Every single conversation, every single understanding....we have been seeing them work with us in a huge battle against the disease that we have been trying to heal. My oldest daughter has seen…


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Lots of added ambition

Well if you guys have noticed, after I finished my doctorate I did not sign on as a doctor of anything. Something inside my bones said that it was just lacking something. So as I researched. I found out that my doctorate, at least according to the ancestroral knowledge of my ancestors was just not enough. My Aunt Jean said, In our family our bones are strong. So I am trusting in my bones. I researched. Oh my goodness there is so much to learn more than my doctorate could give me. Sorry guys.…


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Another Success!!!!

Yes, another success with this interdimensional therapy that I have been doing. Accept this time it was for me!!! I am so excited. I took Artemio's advice and found the seamless approach to getting this 2nd dimensional subconscience delimma that so many of us psychic folks endure. Let's see, I am sure of you remember, I was having discussions about the 2nd heaven level from some old texts that I had been studying for a long time. Thanks so much Artemio for getting those juices inside of my…


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Why am I here?

It took me some time to realize why I am here. I was a child born into philosophy. Being raised by those who had heritages and religions that on the mainstream thought processes had become dead or untouchable. My parents and grand parents taught me diligently every day of my life the old ways. I was really the only grandchild that sat at the feet of my grand parents taking in every word that they spoke to me. Honoring everything that they ever said or did. No matter how mundane the…


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Strange Spirit

For about the past 3 weeks I have seen a ghost that is walking around my neighbors house in a circle. She circles the house and stops in front of their windows and appears as if she is looking in. I thought, well that seems strange that a ghost would be doing this. On the side of the house closest to mine she looks like a blob of light. I can only see features of her face. But when she gets to the other side of the house furthest from mine I can see her reflection through the window of the…


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Halloween Time!!!

Oh it is my favorite time of year. I just love Halloween because people become more open to dealing with the reality of spirits around them. Mostly just to scare each other, but well, there are those of us psychic that actually perceive these things all year round and finally get to talk about them to other people without being called "crazy".


So here are a couple of spooky stories for you. I guess for most of you, just every day events. But it is fun to talk…


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Why do we sense fear when a Shaman spirit first visits?

This a very good question that came into my e-mail box today. So because I have been noticing that a lot of conversation has come up in the discussions and blogs regarding the ancient Native American Shaman spirits, I thought that I would answer it on a blog. It is a natural cycle that sometimes we really don't think about in Modern Day society.


When we walk into a forest, all the nature and creatures just basically become still, just as if they are holding their breath when…


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Contacting my grandma while she was living!!

It just happened last night. My grandmother was finally allowed to pass away according to her living will that she very thoughtfully wrote in great detail. My dad was surprised when he found out that she covered every detail of what she thought was going to happen to her. My grandmother had seen the future. There was no way any of us could of doubted it as we read her words. It was not chilling, it was not frightful. It was filled with light hearted warm words of encouragement to all of us.…


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Finally Number Vibrations

In all of my classes, the part that I did the absolute worst was numerology. My goodness, but I think I got mixed up as to how the english letters somehow became a part of the Chaldean numerology tables. I mean even the ancient Hebrew alphabet does not have all 22 letters during that time period of history. So it was a lot of tedious memorization without really connecting the historical evidence to how the whole thing arrived into our psychic and metaphysical interpretations of words and…


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Some call it the gift of "Discerning Spirits"

Well, I have just shared 3 major parts of my personality and character. The one who is really nerdy and reading books all the time to gain knowledge for the psychic and metaphysical realms. The one who is out problem solving the city problems and helping people who go through city plights. And the natural one who is out making coexistence possible with the natural forces.


Some people call it discerning spirits. Knowing what kind of metaphysical creature we are dealing with…


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Sharing myself for a moment......

So many people want to know why I have all of these spirits around me all the time. The truth of the matter is that if I was living on the Reservation I would not have all of these spiritual experiences. Living in the part of the country where nature gets destroyed for the good of industry, city life, the shaman appear many times to try to warn people of the rich natural ways. For instance, if an underground water supply gets depleted, the shaman will appear to try to teach people to do…


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Shaman Spirits

I was asked to expound on what I said earlier about Shaman spirits. Those spirits, at least from what my grandmother taught me are very ancient spirits. They are primordial ancestors to the idigenous tribes of North America. I am not for sure what kind of spirits they are for other tribes in other lands. And at least from what my grandmother told me the ones that I deal with are ancient ancestors from her tribe. They are very wise and willing to teach many great things. But at the same time…


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The Hermit Card #9

This is the card that came up at Teresa's reading yesterday. She performs tarot for me every month to help me to create a positive successful future. Oh how I love her readings. I tell you this girl read me in a situation that was almost impossible. And she made me feel so loved and worthy in a time that was so much darkness.


So basically the instruction for this month was to return to myself and show as much love to myself as I have been capable to give to others around me.…


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Sherri, do you have political or religious agendas?

Well, I sat and looked at this question and even right now I still have tears running down my eyes.


The answer is no....absolutely not. My interest in researching any spiritual book I have ever read has never been to promote religion or politics.


So why do I cry when I have this very honest and forthright question makes it's appearance in my life. Fundamentally this is the obvious reason why most people even speak upon subjects. Look we all have reasons for…


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Tsuni Goam: Infinite Supreme Being of the Koi Koi Tribe

Well I just spent 20 years writing research papers on other people's ideas on religion and politics. Lots of political ideology in college no matter what subject you are studying. So please forgive me that I have been taking out time to discuss my own research that I have been keeping really silent in order to finish my classes and be a good student.


I ran across some really interesting stuff on my journey. And gee, this one was a research project that came up when a friend…


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Reading the books on Enoch

I just received some e-mails that people are reading the books. They are great books. I am a wonderful story teller. So maybe you might be let down a little by the Secrets of Enoch. I recite words from the book. Add some understanding from what the Ancient forms of the Hebrew translations would reveal. And then I recite my own comprehension and experiences that I think about as the words digest. It almost could be like the young man in the "Princess Bride". His dad told the story to him in a…


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Raving about Karen's grounding and protecting meditation

I was intrigued right away with Karens words. I could just feel the love and the warmth when I read the steps to this meditation that she shared!!!


So this morning I tried it. Everybody in my house was still asleep so I had some alone time for a little while.


You know I have to say I really did feel grounded. I could just feel love energy all over me and through me. So close to our great Mother and life itself. I mean it was just like a shield all around me. I…


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Remaining in the Light

Ok everybody, I heard you....I heard you. People don't want to leave the light conversation. Of course I understand. We are all drawn to the light. So I will remain on the subject because you want me to. Please don't forget that eventually I will need to go on to number vibrations.


It happens to be very interesting that according to the Book of Enoch that light happens to be one of the very generous storehouses in the 1st heaven. Very seriously, these ancient people really…


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Gevurah contemplations

I always end my segments with a few Gevurah contemplations. This is a time when I ask myself very important questions about what the heck I am doing and why. I listen for the questions and so many people have good questions. All of you are such wonderful nice people who are open minded. But as I go through a journey of answering questions, I ask myself the ones that get left out by most people.


So the first question comes up. Sherri, why in the world are you discussing…


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Question: Will people start to read the reality of life backwards?

Now that is absolutely one of the best questions that I have ever received from someone. Thank you my dear daughter for posing such a question. It shows me that you are thoughtful and considering impacts of such powerful energy reading on society as a whole. Remember with "power comes great responsibility." (Originally spoken through the 1st Spider Man movie by Peter Parker's Uncle.)


People are actually using this ability without even knowing that they do it in their day to…


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