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Challenges, How to Over Come

It takes someone strong to deal in times of challenge, are you up to the challenge? Where does your strength come from? Where does your courage come from?

Tough times can be challenging, personal drama, personal situations, cam be the challenge. The core to the challenge is how much of ourselves are we giving away. How much of ourselves goes to the drama, how much goes to the lack, how much goes to…


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Open to Receive~ Get out of the way!

Open to Receive Get out of the way

Message give for me to share with you on 12/12/10 at 12 noon, alignment meditation.

Receive~ Get out of the way….

To receive it is important to let go of how you will receive. Or how the universe will provide for you.

Create a mind set within self which will let go. Do…


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Do not give place to fear

The message shared with the listeners this evening is one of not giving away of yourself through the covering of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety. Rather to draw in the higher vibration of love of divine source love.

With this they are sharing that the love of source has no place for fear has no place for lack or worry. But brings in the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients, the wisdom of the knowledge which…


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Medicine Wheel Tour

Hello friends if you would like to follow or check out what areas I will be in during the next few weeks please go to www.whitewolfenterprise.com.

I will be in

Seattle Feb 11-15

Phoenix Feb 16-22

St Louis Feb 22-25

Erie Pa Feb 26- March 2

New York City March 24-29

If you are in these areas and would like to connect with me please feel free to send me an email.…


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More sites and info

Hello all

It is wonderful to share space with others of like mind.

Here are a few other ning sites of like minded interests:




One of my business sites is www.whitewolfenterprise.com

The more we can all connect and build our community and share we can all grow and…


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