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Book for Teens~ Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers by Julie Tallard Johnson

I saw this book in the library yesterday and thought I would post the description. I haven't read it myself, but when searching online about it I found one teen who said their life coach had recommended it.

Summary: Discusses how teenagers can develop their own intuitive powers and apply those powers to their personal spiritual journeys. Includes quizzes, exercises, meditations, and other related activities.I think this sounds pretty practical, don't you… Continue

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Reshiyth, the part of the first word of the Bible/Torah (in Hebrew) that means, "The Beginning," has a gematria (Hebraic numeric value) of 911 !!!! 911, the beginning... (which adds to 11, which is half the 11:11 phenomenon, which has to do with beginning, as in beginning of awareness, waking up). It is a master number, which you probably already know means anarchy or the Aquarian Age.

Just thought I'd share that with you this evening.

As an afterthought, the… Continue

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Thoughts on Sabbath

I begin with apologies to those of you who already know this and also if I have misinterpreted (through forgetfulness) any words or ideas herein. I just wanted to share my thoughts and thank those of you who helped me create such times as mentioned below. Teresa

I don't know why I so often think of Sabbath early in the morning, but today's thoughts grabbed me and made me think to jot them down before I ran off to the gym.

When I 'kept' Sabbath with my Jewish friends… Continue

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Message to my dad on faith

My dad has been struggling with a now fairly long term 'discomfort' which, as an old doctor, he thought would only plague him for the weekend after his last surgery. When he and I spoke last night he was talking about his unbelief being the reason he wasn't healed. Thing is, I've been believing for it, seeing it and everything, so my struggle has been with ... well, I guess it IS the same thing...HIS unbelief. Though I would have called it 'the things he is allowing to get in his… Continue

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2010 is HERE! Thoughts on the numeric value of 2010

Three--the numeric value of 2010...The Empress/Fertility...

Empress 'balances' between Chochmah and Binah, wisdom and understanding, Great Father and Great Mother of Creation.

She is Dalet which means 'door,' but represents Selflessness. In the Zohar dalet is read as "that has nothing (d'leit) of her own." The full meaning of dalet is 'the door through which the humble enter into the realization of the most high's dwelling place… Continue

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