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Book for Teens~ Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers by Julie Tallard Johnson

I saw this book in the library yesterday and thought I would post the description. I haven't read it myself, but when searching online about it I found one teen who said their life coach had recommended it.

Summary: Discusses how teenagers can develop their own intuitive powers and apply those powers to their personal spiritual journeys. Includes quizzes, exercises, meditations, and other related activities.I think this sounds pretty practical, don't you… Continue

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Reshiyth, the part of the first word of the Bible/Torah (in Hebrew) that means, "The Beginning," has a gematria (Hebraic numeric value) of 911 !!!! 911, the beginning... (which adds to 11, which is half the 11:11 phenomenon, which has to do with beginning, as in beginning of awareness, waking up). It is a master number, which you probably already know means anarchy or the Aquarian Age.

Just thought I'd share that with you this evening.

As an afterthought, the… Continue

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Thoughts on Sabbath

I begin with apologies to those of you who already know this and also if I have misinterpreted (through forgetfulness) any words or ideas herein. I just wanted to share my thoughts and thank those of you who helped me create such times as mentioned below. Teresa

I don't know why I so often think of Sabbath early in the morning, but today's thoughts grabbed me and made me think to jot them down before I ran off to the gym.

When I 'kept' Sabbath with my Jewish friends… Continue

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Message to my dad on faith

My dad has been struggling with a now fairly long term 'discomfort' which, as an old doctor, he thought would only plague him for the weekend after his last surgery. When he and I spoke last night he was talking about his unbelief being the reason he wasn't healed. Thing is, I've been believing for it, seeing it and everything, so my struggle has been with ... well, I guess it IS the same thing...HIS unbelief. Though I would have called it 'the things he is allowing to get in his… Continue

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2010 is HERE! Thoughts on the numeric value of 2010

Three--the numeric value of 2010...The Empress/Fertility...

Empress 'balances' between Chochmah and Binah, wisdom and understanding, Great Father and Great Mother of Creation.

She is Dalet which means 'door,' but represents Selflessness. In the Zohar dalet is read as "that has nothing (d'leit) of her own." The full meaning of dalet is 'the door through which the humble enter into the realization of the most high's dwelling place… Continue

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3 Days and Yes, I'm a Slacker ~ Thoughts on Blessing (as found in the Aaronic Blessing)

Okay, so I'm not faithful and committed or something. I realize I failed to keep up with my blogging all through the 100 day countdown to 2010. I had a few comments on my blogs, but actually, it was all friends who wrote to me via my email. And until they did, I honestly wondered if I might just be wasting space. And time.

Bah, humbug. Or maybe I mean waa (crying). Yeah, that's what I was going for.

So, ANYWAY! (One of my favorite words, it would appear) I was thinking… Continue

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2012--Numeric Significance

Another thought on the number 2012 itself...when we add the numbers together, numerology style, we get 5. Five is the number of mercy in some thought. It is also the number of Regeneration!

Iamblichus said, "It is a frequent assertion of ours that the whole universe is manifestly completely and enclosed by the Decad, and seeded by the Monad, and it gains movement thanks to the Dyad and life thanks to the Pentad."

The Pentad (5) represents a new level of cosmic design: the… Continue

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Don't Know Much About 2012--But I Know What I Hope

2012. To be honest, it is all fairly 'new' to me. What I sense, for the most part, is just a coming to a more positive way of seeing things, a more positive way of 'being.'

I look at the prophecies--or more precisely, the translation and interpretation of prophecies--and they all read like headlines in the Enquirer: END OF THE WORLD PREDICTED TO BE BLOODY AFFAIR. APOCALYPSE NOW--WHO WILL SURVIVE?

Somehow I just don't like the idea of things always having to be so… Continue

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Taune Nicole Winter

This is the story of a girl, born to a retarded girl who had been molested at a carnival. Her birth was not expected, for you see, her birth mother's mother had her get an abortion. Thing is, the girl in this story was a twin. It wasn't until the birth mother continued to be pregnant that this became known, whereupon the she was taken to have a second abortion.

This is where the baby's story became known to my friend, Jodi, who was then 26. She found this baby and adopted her. She… Continue

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Yes, I am a slacker. I haven't kept up with my "100 Days Till 2010" blogging. So I guess, instead of blogging, I need a flogging. Ah, well...

Here's the deal...I have felt (if not 'been') overwhelmed. I get WAY too much email, ya know? But right now it is quiet on the WWW and so I am thinking I need to catch up. But no, I am NOT going to write a blog for every day I missed. I'm just not up to it.

I would like to comment on a book I mentioned a while back. I haven't even… Continue

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blah blah blah

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My mother-in-law is half again as old as I am. That means, when I have lived as much longer as my second daughter is old, I will be as old as my mother-in-law. That may seem like quite a few years, all things considered, but when I think back on how quickly the years since my daughter was born--especially her 20s!--I am astounded at how little time there is left to do anything purposeful in my life.

That's not necessarily meant to be a downer. It's just facing the facts, I guess. I… Continue

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69--The Year I Graduated!

Ah yes, the proverbial graduation date...1969. What a year THAT was!

My mother had me going to what may well have been the3 precursor to a psychic fair. It was held in the gymnasium of a neighboring high school. My mother had me doing the Ouija board. I don't know if I ever told her I could peek under the blindfold and read upside down or not. I don't know if I ever revealed I thought I was just pushing it, after all, I was almost always correct! Guess that was my psychic gift… Continue

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70--Picture Perfect?

Chris, one of our readers, may have grown up in a haunted town, but I grew up in a haunted house. When I used to tell friends where I lived they almost always asked, "Do you live near that spooky house?" Um, yeah, that WAS my house. But I don't know why they thought it was spooky. Nothing ever happened anyone else knew about. But I guess kids just 'know', ya know?

One of the scariest things that happened there was with a picture my mother 'found' in an antique shop. Actually, the… Continue

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71-- Hallowe'en Ghost Poem (With all the GP readers' names)

Just for you from Trick or Trea---sa! Mwah hahahaha!!!!

'Twas Hallowe'en eve and the whole 'Global' team

Weren't tricking, but treating, or so it would seem

The psychics were psyching with cards, stones and such

Keeping the people and spirits in touch

Danielle had them busy, so busy in fact,

Deb, Phil and Owen hadn't notice that Matt

Had gone off somewhere for a healing, I guess

And somehow the party became quite a mess

Ghosts came to… Continue

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72--Songs of Love

Today Danielle forwarded us the story of a little boy who sang to his sister while she was still being 'formed in secret'. She had difficulty at birth and a couple weeks later his mother became forceful (ah, the mother bear!) and brought him into the ICU where he had been begging to come to sing to his little sister. As he began to sing, she was healed, moment by moment.

I suspect this mystical miracle was about even more than the healing itself in those moments; it was about the… Continue

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73--Ah, Of What Great Profundities to Write...

I may run OUT of profundities. HA!

I am trying to learn to really 'read' my tarot cards. And suddenly I understand why so many people have told me I need to have the Rider-Waite deck. The deck I have has pretty pictures, but I don't think some of them really 'say' what they need to say in order for me to understand what they are saying. (Is that a weird sentence or what?)

Thing is, I'm not sure the R-W deck does either, at least not when I was looking at the Major Arcana… Continue

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74--Meaning of Snake, Crow or Raven, Cat

Here are some of the meanings of the animals I saw on my serpentine and spiral walks:

A raven represents: Magic, Healing, Creation. Magic is at play if a raven has come into our life. Raven activates the energy of magic and links it to our will and intention. With raven's 'energy', we can make great changes in our life. It gives us the ability to take the unformed thought and make it reality. The raven shows us how to go into the dark of our inner self and bring out the light of our… Continue

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75--One Quarter of the Way Toward January 1st--2nd Day of Spiral-walking

Day Two of Spiral-Walking:

As you may know, spirals are symbolic of the Divine Feminine. The black cat and black crow are both symbols of the Divine Feminine as well! As are snakes. Hmm. What's up?

Okay boys and girls, you are SO not going to believe this. Shoot, I barely believe it myself! My own mother kept saying to me today, "You're not making this up?" A friend asked me that when I first wrote her this, too! But no, I did not make this up. I'm good but not… Continue

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