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North Korea Wants Recognition, Not War, But...

 they are prepared to go to war to gain the recognition they think they deserve....

While the US is probably not in any real danger of attack, I do feel that South Korea, Japan or the Philippines very well may be... North Korea has a point to make... and intends…


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What's It Like Being a Phone Psychic? by Christopher Golden

I was recently asked an interesting question:  So, what's it like being a Phone Psychic?  How does that work?


Most people, when asked about their job, can probably explain what they do.  I actually had to think about this for a moment.  How does one give reliable or accurate psychic advice over the phone?  Why don't you have to be there in person?  How does it work if…


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New Beginnings

Christians around the world are focused now on celebrating an event that has great meaning for all of us, regardless of our faitf - The Resurrection… Resurrection is one of those archetypal events that eventually appears in one form or another in each of our lives…. it is that moment when we surrender to transformation, when we put our losses behind us and muster the courage to rise again.…


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Global Psychics Celebrates - 16 years on the web!

It's our anniversary!

Global Psychics went live on the web 16 years ago. To mark this special occasion, and thank you for your continued support, we are offering a 16% discount on almost all of our readings, even those that are already on special.

To claim your discount, select the reading you want at…


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Heart Month

It's Heart Month, check out our articles on the Power of Love!

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Trending in 2013

a Year of Openings…

color – green, crimson, pale blue… metal – copper… gemstone: emerald and opal.

2013 marks the opening of a new cycle on Planet Earth, the birth of a new age, some say the birth of the Aquarian…


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Finding Your Life Path

Some people come upon their life path quite early in life, or at least they happen upon it, but for others it isn't so easy...

Like many of us, I was a "victim" of circumstances. I had my first spinal fusion while I was in Grade 12 and that pretty much changed the course of my life... instead of going to teacher's college as I had planned, I got married and started working at a bank. When I found myself a single parent of a disabled 2-year old, I realized that I needed a much better…


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How to Find Your Life Path - and Why

Why am I here? Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life?

These questions haunt most of us at some point along the way. We seek meaning in our lives and circumstances, especially when we find ourselves facing significant challenges. We want to understand "why?" so we can decide how to proceed... and what we can fix, what we need to change... then we want to know if we're on the right track, if we can succeed in our goals, if our lives are adding…


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Measuring Spirituality

In my work as a psychic, I occasionally come upon a client questioning their relationship because s/he "is not as spiritual as I am." Frankly that puzzles me, I don't know how we can measure another's spirituality...

My response typically goes something like this:

"First off, it is not exactly spiritual to be judging another's place on the path... all has purpose, they are where they are for a very good reason and although they may appear in the moment to…


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Meet Us at The Psychic Well


The Psychic Well

Meet us at The Well - the Psychic Well that is -

Your Metaphysical and Spiritual Learning Center!

At The Psychic Well…


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What Does it Mean to be a Healer - by Psychic Christopher Golden

If you find that you have the ability to help people overcome their obstacles, or to illuminate a situation, to bring hope where there is despair, to motivate and inspire, to help someone to mend a broken heart - then you are a healer. But what does it mean to be a healer? Why do you have these gifts and what responsibility, if any, do you take on by having them? Here is the psychic point of view...

It should…


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Meet Christopher Golden, Beverly Hills Psychic

Psychic Christopher Golden is based in Beverly Hills, California. He is available for psychic consultations by phone, and you can find him online at 



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Getting to know the angels.....

Those of us over here who have been fighting a severe illness together have been fighting the good fight. My goodness, how it has been a fight to get through all of this. But we have been getting to know the angels. As we have been getting to know the angels we have been gaining health and strength. Every single conversation, every single understanding....we have been seeing them work with us in a huge battle against the disease that we have been trying to heal. My oldest daughter has seen…


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Please help me with a dream interpretation??????

Hi and Happy new year has been awhile since I last logged on. 


I had a wonderful and vivid dream of my mother whom is no longer physically here on this earth, she knocked on my front door (it is late morning or early afternoon), I opened it she was smiling she had returned from a holiday, (with her was a man, one that was not familiar to me......i did not see his face, he was not a threat to me, but he was bringing her home to…


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Why I am here

I have heard from my grand mother that most of my ancestors were interested in occult practices and the 4th veda .There were some books and palmleaves which came in to the custody of my uncle P.N.Menon.

He was not so educated but started predicting earth quakes and most of the predictions came true.Once I saw his photos all over the regional news papers.He even got letters from NASA .He is no more and I'm not sure what happend to the books

When I started my career as a teacher…


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The haunted house

It was in 2006 I was an English teacher in one of the Maldivian islands called Faaf Nilandhoo.

A muslim friend offered his cottage for such a cheap rent ,My colleagues tried to discourage me from renting that cottage as they believed that it is haunted,I never cared.…


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Lots of added ambition

Well if you guys have noticed, after I finished my doctorate I did not sign on as a doctor of anything. Something inside my bones said that it was just lacking something. So as I researched. I found out that my doctorate, at least according to the ancestroral knowledge of my ancestors was just not enough. My Aunt Jean said, In our family our bones are strong. So I am trusting in my bones. I researched. Oh my goodness there is so much to learn more than my doctorate could give me. Sorry guys.…


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It's the Year of the Dragon, Happy New Year

Check out our prediction for the Year of the Dragon at

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2012, It's About Awakenings...

Key theme for 2012: facing the challenges and moving forward despite the uncertainty. The recovery has begun... but it is slow, erratic... we can't be lazy this year... Still, if we connect with the Dragon's energy, we can make magic...

Most interesting undertone for the year: the awakened reach critical mass, the veil thins...

Fun in 2012: Significant reunions mid-year, a great year for romance, social activities and family gatherings. Let's…


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Another Success!!!!

Yes, another success with this interdimensional therapy that I have been doing. Accept this time it was for me!!! I am so excited. I took Artemio's advice and found the seamless approach to getting this 2nd dimensional subconscience delimma that so many of us psychic folks endure. Let's see, I am sure of you remember, I was having discussions about the 2nd heaven level from some old texts that I had been studying for a long time. Thanks so much Artemio for getting those juices inside of my…


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