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82--The Tale of My Journey to "Here"

I haven’t been able to log on to the blog site for a couple days. Did you miss me? *wink*

Okay, so where was I? I had spent ½ as much time in my second church as my first, and my 3rd as the 2nd, and my 4th as my 3rd. I am getting more than a little disillusioned, don’t you think? I am part of the worship team in my last church. I lead a Bible study. I am involved with the youth. And I can’t take the repeats (sermons) and the politics and the same ol’ same ol’ one more… Continue

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83--More on Tom Harpur's books--Written while I couldn't log in

Yesterday my last paragraph was about Christianity—and actually, Judaism, as well—being a mere copy of Egyptian theology. At that moment I had a thought: I thought of Moses and his coming out of Egypt and Jesus, who also went down and came up out of Egypt!

And as I write that, I am reminded of a teaching when I took a Torah class. Egypt/ Mitzraim, which means ‘narrow place’ (something allegorically spoken of in the New Testament) is considered a spiritual journey we all are to take.… Continue

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80-What? Lost Track--(84)

I have been incommunicado for a few days because I couldn't get on the site! I finally figured it out (thanks, Danielle!) and have somehow lost track of how many days are left till the first of January 2010 (2010!? Man!)

Here's what I was writing while I was 'away':

It has been a decade since I set my foot on the path that led me out of the faith of my childhood.

That is not to say I did not ‘experiment’ with my psychic side. I did. However, it was something my… Continue

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Taking new Classes to help Animals and Animal owners!!

Next Friday I am headed off to the Seattle,Washington area to join my Teacher and famous animal communicator Joan Ranquet for more classes. I joined the University for Comminication with all Life last June. We study four topics animal behavior, animal nutrition, animal healing methods, and comminicating with animals. Next Friday I will be taking off to take two different classes Animal Alchemy and The Dead and Dying Animals. I can't wait to learn more so that I can help more animals and their… Continue

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Hi all, Kunzite is an amazing stone. I first came across it in the 1980's. It attracted me like no other stone. It had a loving energy about it. I really mean, you can feel love coming out of this stone. Kunzite itself is the pink form of spodumene. It keys in with the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. It tunes into the heart chakra. Kunzite removes obstacles from one's path, that alone is reason enough to own some! It… Continue

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85--Speaking to the 86 of Elohim

So, today, should we talk about 86? Sorry to leave you hanging. And I realize I don't know/remember as much as I thought I might have to share here. Oops. My bad. I can only hope it doesn't cause you to "86" me from the blogosphere. ;o)

tr.v. eight·y-sixed or 86·ed, eight·y-six·ing or 86·ing, eight·y-six·es or 86·es Slang

1. To refuse to serve (an unwelcome customer) at a bar or restaurant.


a. To throw out; eject.

b. To throw away;…

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86--Two Weeks Have Already Past?!

I am going to renege on writing tonight. I know I was going to pontificate on the #86, but I have another day of H1N1 5 year old care tomorrow and I just got home from laughing myself sick at the Comedy Works, so I am going to give (take?) a raincheck and I will try to tell you about the #86 tomorrow. Today I am putting the 86 on writing (is that the proper use of the arcane term?)

Thanks for understanding. Have to keep my strength up. And besides, I have my distance contact in and I… Continue

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87--Onward and Upward

It is our duty—as men and women—to behave as though limits to our ability do not exist.

We are collaborators in creation of the Universe.

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Do you believe this? Do I?

In the Torah/Old Testament a commandment about Sabbath is stated twice. The first time it says in the Hebrew to keep/observe the Sabbath. The second time it says to make/create the Sabbath... i don't know why I think of these verses whenever I hear about us… Continue

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88--A Nice Round Number

You know what really sucks? Having two great ideas after you've turned off the computer and headed to bed, only to forget them when it's time to blog. Why, oh why did I say I would do this for the whole 100 days? Oh yeah, I remember why! I'm an idiot! And I knew the book I was going to have to read for my Oct book club was about a woman who blogged for 365 about 500-some-odd # of French recipes. And I thought--quite vainly and foolishly, i realize--that I could do that, too! ah ha hahahaha !!!… Continue

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89--Reading, desks, and just a lot of who cares stuff ;o)

Wow. There are days it's easy to come up with an idea and days like today when I haven't got a clue what to write. I just bought Julie and Julia to read this week for my book club (geez, I hope I finish in time!) I doubt she made blogging a difficult thing.

It dawns on me as I write that that what I am doing is the same thing I started to do when I was trying to journal--I was so concerned about legibility and it being 'really cool' and filled with 'deep thoughts' so "One day,… Continue

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90--Teen Time?

I was thinking maybe I would start doing some book reviews for teens. I noticed there are quite a few books on psychic things in the teen section at my library. And yes, I suppose it might be a little weird that someone of my age is perusing the teen section, but I happen to like Stephanie Meyer, Libba Bray and Meg Cabot. What can I say?

You know, it's funny because I sucked at being a teen when I was one. Then a year or so down the road and I was all about listening to them and… Continue

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i love horses

i love horses, how ever my girl was born that way and i have no doubt her totem is a horse.

we are waitingfor our horse or rather her horse to find us. i feel it will be soon.

on anther issue i am new at this and i have put this on my comments.

i am a cancer(69) that was also born in 1969.

i am very connected to the saltwater, not really fresh.

last night while i was fishing the water spoke to be and told me a woman was going to be found or die in the water. i saw in my… Continue

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91--Comments on 'Return to Innocence' Video--Tribal Connections

This is becoming SO incredibly frustrating I may just quit on principle. I just now accidentally hit something with my pinky and away went my whole blog…AGAIN! I honestly don’t think I can take much more of this!!!!!!!

This is actually why my latest novel isn’t finished. I finished it once and then the computer got all bogged down and somehow, in the process of un-bogging it, I lost the entire last several chapters. This was a year ago. I haven’t had the heart to even look at the… Continue

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I am being frustrated right now. I actually started writing today's blog last night right after I posted the last one because a thought occurred to me. I had written half of it and accidentally hit a button that moved me from this page and lost (where does it go?) everything I had been working on from last night through tonight.

So, I am going to just say good night because it is already late, I had worked in an effort to not be up so late anymore and now...well, at least I'm writing… Continue

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92--More on the Aleph and Unity

This Aleph is sideways, in spite of not being that way from where I copied it. But you can still get the general idea.

I understand Unity in a way I didn't a minute ago. In the Aleph א, the center of all things ~ as I shared a few days ago ~ the balance of yin and yang, good and evil, light and dark, negative and positive, or just any opposing forces or feelings or thoughts are United--at the place of the Vav. Now I know you don't… Continue

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93--All Things

"All things must change/To something new, to something strange." Henry W. Longfellow

How true. I glance up again at that statement and as I am trying to glean something for sharing in this space, what hits me instead is the 'All things." Do you know how many statements include the "All things"?

Here are just a few from one source:

"All things work together for good (to those who love God and are called according to his design/purpose)."

"All things you desire… Continue

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