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94 and Counting. I Can Hear the Final Countdown in My Head Already! ;o)

Thirteen weeks and three days to go. Ah, thirteen. The number people are afraid of to the point some buildings don't even label a 13th floor. I say 'label' because, duh, let's be honest here--a rose by any other name. It may say 14th Floor, Lingerie, but honey, we all know it's the 13th Floor, Black Cats, Witches and Bubbling Cauldrons. *wink*

I like the number 13 more and more. I realize it is the Death card in Tarot. But it really represents Transformation, not actual death and… Continue

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95! Five down!

This blog is coming to you later than usual. I was up late last night sorting through my 'wisdom' to send to Danielle (she asked for it) and I was at it WAY longer than I intended. Guess I just have a lot of wisdom, ha ha ha !!!

The countdown to the first of the year is speeding along, don't you think? I read recently Time really is going faster. I honestly don't know how they can tell by that clock thingy, I mean, wouldn't it be affected by being on the planet with us? But whatever.… Continue

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Hi all, Go to the above link for valuable info on quartz crystal. LL&L, Christopher Ree

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You just got home from the gem show or the rock shop with a sack full of crystals and now have to figure out what to do with them. Well, this is what The Crystal Files is all about, what to do with these crystals! First order of things to do is to cleanse those crystals you brought home.

Cleansing your crystals is important. Quartz will withstand cleansing with water and salt, but not all… Continue

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96--My, How Time Flies

Well, I was encouraged to keep blogging here, so guess I won't quit this space. Thing is, what am I going to write about today?

Last night I as doing something a friend suggested: I meditated on the first Hebrew letter, Aleph א. When I closed my eyes to see it, it turned to light and I thought, "Aleph, the center of the universe." As I thought this unplanned thought, the Aleph א began to spin like a windmill toy and it looked like the Milky Way, throwing out light from its tips. It… Continue

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97--Change of Plan

I have decided to 'finish' my blogging elsewhere. I just have to figure out how to do it...I don't think there's enough space in Facebook, so I'll be checking

Later, taters

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98 Days of Revelation--Not Biblical, Though ;o)

You are not going to believe this! I had written this whole long piece on the 98 days and didn't save it and I LOST THE WHOLE DARN THING!!! Aarrgghh!!!!

I don't even want to recreate it, because I was on a roll (actually writing the past 3 days all on one day--and yes, I know, Cheater, Cheater. But I had confessed that and said I would make it up to you!) And I wrote THIS paragraph late in the evening and the first paragraph earlier today. So, guess I REALLY don't want to… Continue

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99 Bottles of ____ on the Wall ;o)

Well, we're off! One day down and 99 to go. Did you find a goal for this 100 day journey and begin to set it into motion? My goal is a simple one: to complete these 100 days with a blog. I tend to fall down when I set goals for myself, so it strikes me, even as I write that, that maybe, hopefully, writing this blog faithfully for the next 99 days will make a substantial change inside me and I can be transformed along the way! Woo hoo! One can only hope, right? (Or is that a bad saying? Maybe we… Continue

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100 Days to January 2010 Begins Today!

Well, here we are, with the inherent challenge of what to do with the last 100 days until January 1, 2010 is upon us.

I thought about writing something similar for the entire 100 days:

100 Things to do with Spaghetti

100 Ways to spruce up your Ice Cream

100 Silly Stories to tell your...Mother? Grandchildren? Dog?

I honestly didn't have a clue until this morning when it came to me as I put on my eye shadow (and yes, I may be old, but I still like to look my… Continue

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Closing in on 100 Days--Finding Our Way

So, I had no idea what I was going to write about. I closed my eyes and Finding Our Way came to mind. I have NO idea what that means, so you will be on this adventure with me! Hoo RAH! *grin* *a big toothy one, at that*

First, I want to apologize for the misspellings in yesterday's blog. I get my fingers twisted around my eye teeth and I can't see what I'm 'saying'. I see now I had 'ouf' for 'of' and Pharoah for Pharaoh. Close, but no cigar. I tend to write 'form' for 'from' a lot,… Continue

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Today I guess I'll talk about Intention. We've heard a lot about it in the Law of Attraction stuff. Scientists speculate that just mere intention alone is enough to influence the level of reality we 'participate' in. What this means is, You have Access to Infinite Power! Whoa!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. What does 'intention' really mean? What does it look like so I can be sure I am 'using' it?

In the Old Testament/Torah there is the story of Pharoah and the… Continue

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Response to the Chicken or the Egg

Danielle wrote to me about yesterday's blog: We want to trust that when we imagine, our imagination knows what its doing! Accessing your imagination is a way of tapping into your soul... and your subconscios... great piece, Teresa, Lotsa LLLove, D

Here's my response to her: Thanks, Danielle. Yes, trust is a big issue in all things, isn't it? Our imagination may go wild, but if we listen to our hearts at the same time, then we are, as you say, tapping into our own soul and… Continue

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The Chicken or the Egg?

You know that 'inbetween time' when you are neither completely awake or completely asleep? Those inbetween times are when the best stuff happens! This morning, as I was in that 'place' I had a thought. First, imagine with me (okay, so it Does look like I'm going to have to talk about that word, 'imagine'--so later, 'k?)--imagine with me a picture on the right of a big white chicken. On the left, another picture of eggs for breakfast...doesn't matter if they're scrambled, poached or made into an… Continue

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100 Days

The beginning of next week marks the beginning of Fall. Are you ready for that? I don't think I am ready to give up summer yet. By the 24th it will be 100 days till the First of Next Year! 2010!! Are you ready for THAT?! I'm pretty sure that will go just as quickly as this summer has, so it's time to start thinking about what we are going to do in order to make the end of this year meaningful as it regards the renewal of the year on January 1st, 2010. (Or, as it regards the fact the Jewish New… Continue

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Hi all, Here is a link to Mitch Horowitz's article on the Ouija board. His new book "Occult America" is hot. I highly recommend it. LL&L, Christopher Ree

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Hi all, This week's stone is jade. Jade is a highly revered stone. The Chinese and Japanese are very fond of it. The Mayans put great stock in the stone and saw it as a currency of heaven. Pieces of jade were placed in the mouths of the deceased to "pay" their way in heaven. Jade is also a stone of prosperity, particularly the green shades. There are two kinds of jade one being jadeite and the other nephrite. Jadeite is the better… Continue

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Hi all, Just a reminder that tomorrow is 9-9-9, a very special day. It is the day we can all concentrate on bringing the crystal grid together around our planet. It is also an important day in the Mayan calendar see the following website for this info:

Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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Update on 70,000 Guns Trained on Idaho Wolves

Dear Global Family,

In light of the state of Idaho's decision to cull the wolves in their state, I felt a need to enlighten you about some of the consequences of wolf overpopulation.

I know what I'm about to say might not sit well with you and as the animal communicator on the team . . . But, if you have not lived with the threat of wolves eating your pets and animals, which I have lost 5 cats, harassing your horses in the middle of the night, it would happen to us 3 or 7… Continue

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Loving Work

Love opens doors, smoothes the flow of other energies,

love stabilizes and centers all in its sphere,

love presents solutions when problems appear.

Ultimately, the energy of Love enables you to express yourself in all of your glory.

What better reason to love your work?

I love holidays, and the Labor Day week-end is one I especially appreciate. It feels a bit like a New Year in the sense that it marks a new school year, and also a new season, a noticeable… Continue

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